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租客需知 1. 為保持居住環境舒適寧靜,請於深夜及清晨時收細聲浪及輕力開關房門。2. 請在煮食後清潔磁磚,四周窗戶及鋅盤,如交吉時發現積聚過多油垢及過於污穢,業主有權收取清潔費用。3. 如發現惡意塗污及刮花牆身租客需要賠償油漆修補費用4. 出外時請確保爐火,熱水爐及水制已經關掉及避免插頭超出負荷。5. 如有吸煙,請小心火種。6. 小心開關窗戶,以防窗戶損毀。7. 所有水電設備如因人為損壞,租客需自行修理。8. 請物把油膩物,大件垃圾投進洗手盤及或所中,如因此導致淤塞,租客需付通渠費用。9. 如欲安裝入牆櫃,吊櫃或有關需要牆身鑽孔,此類工程需先知獲得業主同意,並需要交吉時回復原本狀況。 祝租客身體安康,出入平安。


ps: 請用比較formal 英文翻譯, 千萬不要用網上軟件翻譯,例如google....thx!!

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    租客需知 Tenants' regulations

    1. 為保持居住環境舒適寧靜,請於深夜及(至)清晨時收細聲浪及輕力開關房門。Be considerate, keep quiet all the time, especially between midnight and dawn, open and close your door gently and lower the volume of any sound to its minimum. 2. 請在煮食後清潔磁磚,四周窗戶及鋅盤,如交吉時發現積聚過多油垢及過於污穢,業主有權收取清潔費用。After each cooking, clean up the surrounding tiles, windows and zinc covers immediately. The landlord is entitled to collect cleansing fee from tenants if the kitchen is unreasonably filthy.

    3. 如發現惡意塗污及刮花牆身租客需要賠償油漆修補費用。

    If the wall is defaced or damaged intentionally, tenants are liable for the repair cost.

    4. 出外時請確保爐火,熱水爐及水制已經關掉及避免插頭超出負荷。

    Make sure the stove, water heater and faucets are shut off when you leave. Don't overload the electrical outlets.

    5. 如有吸煙,請小心火種。

    If you smoke, watch for your cigarette butts very carefully, dispose them properly.

    6. 小心開關窗戶,以防窗戶損毀。

    Operate the window gently to avoid damage.

    7. 所有水電設備如因人為損壞,租客需自行修理。

    Any damage on water or power fixture not due to normal wear and tear, tenants are responsible to repair themselves.

    8. 請物(勿)把油膩物,大件垃圾投進洗手盤及或所(厕盆)中,如因此導致淤塞,租客需付通渠費用。

    Do not throw greasy stuff or garbage into the sink or toilet. If they are clogged due to such behaviors, tenants are responsible for the repair fee.

    9. 如欲安裝入牆櫃,吊櫃或有關需要牆身鑽孔,此類工程需先知獲得業主同意,並需要交吉時回復原本狀況。

    If you need install cabinets which require drilling holes on wall or removal parts of the wall, you need to have the consent from the landlord and you need to restore the walls to their original condition when you return the unit to the landlord.

    祝租客身體安康,出入平安。 May you be healthy always and may your come and go be safe all the time.

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    I made a mistake in item 5. It should be

    dispose of them properly.

    Thank you for the comments

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    2. 請在煮食後清潔磁磚,四周窗戶及鋅盤(盆),如交吉時發現積聚過多油垢及過於污穢,業主有權收取清潔費用。

    8. 請物( 勿) 把油膩物,大件垃圾投進洗手盤(盆)及或所中, 如因此導致淤塞,租客需付通渠費

    9. 如欲安裝入牆櫃,吊櫃或有關需要牆身鑽孔(事宜),此類工程需先(通)知(並)獲得業主同意,並需(須)要交吉時回復原本狀況。

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    Well Well Well >>> dispose of them !

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