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Losing my Best Friend?

I feel like I'm losing my best friend to a stuck up show off. I've started hanging out with these 2 other girls and have become best friends as well. But the one in losing is like my sister I hate seeing her with them and worst she talks bad about my other 2 best friends. She is like my sister and I would never want to hurt her or be away from her what should I do

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    i was in ur situation differenc is u'v caught it as soon as u'v seen dis nd undrstod it's bad..nd i undrstod it when dey'v taken her away 4m 1st she was neg.about dem.i intruducd hr wid den,she was neg.i didn undrstod what was,aft. 1 month she was so so frndly.i didn mess up hr friendly bhav wid dem caus dey might think i'm dis,it seems like b4 i was able 2 blink 1ce..she's already no more my,tak care,don let hr go away.. all our wishs,plans,dreams were buried at de startin of de life..don b in my place,hr absense migt disrupt u as it did 2 me at dat time..remembr,a brokn hrt frnd is lost 4ever..since den i didn make any BFF..i hav mates,classmats,bt no bst friend/frnds..caus most of dem r fake&untrustabl.i'v collectd hr nw sms hr wid indirectly dat she cant undrstand it's me..i introduc myself as*old school unknwn wishr*.she always replies wid resqust 4 my real,i'll nevr do it.Actually,relation brok up bcaus of som othr persons intrfernce..don trust dos girls,u knw dem may 4 few sec./fw,what hrm dey'll do will mak u suffr 4evr.b frndly,bt not more den Ur BFF.feel hr dat she's really imp.2 u den dem.even den,if she's nt convincd den leave dem..plz.G.luck.

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    she is feeling abandoned and chances are you both feel like your loosing each other. tell her how you feel.=)

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    9 years ago

    Tell her how you feel...

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