Could the Allies have prevented the Fall of France and western Europe?

If you think so, how?

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  • Mark F
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    8 years ago
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    It would have required an order-of-magnitude change in tactics, doctrine and organization but it was doable. Marching into Germany in September or October of 1939 would have ended everything right there. The French could have marched all the way to Berlin and met no significant opposition.

    Barrint that. the quick German victory in May-June 1940 was only possible because the French and BEF lacked a mobile reserve in Norther France. Thus when the BEF deployed forward into Belgium that left a huge gap for the German's to drive through past the northern tip of the Maginot line to the channel, cutting off all those forces in Belgium while facing little opposition.

    The solution would have been for the the French to extend the Maginot to the channel (effectively isolating the Belgians and leaving them for slaugther) while concentrating their armor as a mobile reserve in multiple armoured divisions behind. Politically the former was impossible and the latter was unthinkable to an Army led by old men preparing to fight the last war, not the next one.

  • 8 years ago

    at the time of the fall of France the allies were basically the UK and France so no

    the major problem was that the UK was still in the mindset of WWI where mass people were just sent to death by going over the top

    an actual quote from Montgomery prior to a major operation to one of his top commanders was "Bring as many back as you can"

    now to give a small lesson on post WWI world

    most countries started to demobilize most of there forces leaving nothing but small units in place for self defense and only a few decent vehicles and artillery

    the BEF(British Expeditionary Force) that was sent to back up France prior to the major attack was poorly trained and equipped compared to the Germans and were not prepared for the Blitzkrieg type fighting of the Germans at the time

    a perfect example is at Dunkirk where the BEF was finally pushed completely off the shores of France

    the BEF's equipment put up almost no match to the Germans as their tanks were smaller and more for scouting or anti infantry rolls, their artillery was a poorer grade than the Germans, the infantry was equipped(at the time) with almost antique weapons that had poor maintenance in the inter war years), and as for the ships for the evacuation many were just personal vessels that civilians offered into service to get the BEF and the Free French Forces home

  • 8 years ago

    Are you asking that if America was involved in the War at that time would France have fallen?

    I'd say yes, it still would have for the fact that the Germans had already built their military up to unprecedented levels with more advanced weaponry, tanks, and Air force at that time, with or without America. It would have, and did, take a # of years for America to build up the logistical and technical production that would be capable of going up against the Nazi war machine that Germany had been building up for almost a decade.

    We would have had to get onto the shores of France pretty damn fast...and if we did that I fear we would not have been prepared for what the Nazi's had to throw in 1940.

    At the time, everybody, with even Churchill saying "Thank God for the French army", thought France could at the very least be able to hold off the Germans...and then they fell in 6 weeks.

  • Mike
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    8 years ago

    The Allies did not study how the Germans conquered Poland. If they would have they would have understood that they needed a lot of good tanks and that the Germans would attack using armored spearheads with coordinated air attacks. The allies spread themselves out evenly over a broad front and had tanks that were useless against the Germans. The German spearheads smashed through the Allied lines and ravaged their communications in the rear. The French should have attacked Germany as soon as they invaded Poland.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Yes- as one user stated if they had launched a counter attack in 1939 or if they had a better plan to defend France.

    The French relied on the national line for the bulk of their defense and behind the line they had an infantry heavy force. The French didn't expect an armored force to swing through Belgium at the ardens forest. Had the French had an armored force backed by air they would have trapped the Germans in a hammer and anvil and smashed them. - especially if they had been able to swing the guns on the National line around 360.

  • nosdda
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    8 years ago

    The line of defense for france and the BEF was the Maginot Line, which up to a point, was impregnable. But the German Generals attacked the maginot line by travelling through the Low countries and went through 2 neutral countries to achieve this. This attack, as well as a Frontal attack caused the Line to be breached, and put the French and the BEF into retreat.

  • 8 years ago

    Both the French and the English had stronger forces than the Germans. What the Allies lacked was proper tactical doctrine. The allies were ready to fight the last war, the Germans had no intention of getting bogged down in trench warfare again.

  • ?
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    8 years ago


    If they has attacked Germany in September 1939.

    The whole German Army was in Poland.

    Very few divisions were guarding the Rhine.

    "If we did not collapse already in the year 1939 that was due only to the fact that during the Polish campaign, the approximately 110 French and British divisions in the West were held completely inactive against the 23 German divisions." - Alfred Jodl

    Source(s): USN MT(SS)
  • 8 years ago

    France fell in what like 3 days? If England had not regrouped and America didnt join the fight way later after a lot of Western Europe fell all of Europe would speak German.

    Absolutely not

  • 8 years ago

    england people were armed with pitchforks, axes, spades and guts , france had already fallen .

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