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How did Pablo Picasso make a revolution in art?

I need more infromation on Pablo Picasso and how he made a revolution in art so can someoen give me more info? and some reliable websites about him?


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    Picasso totally transformed art, and the role of the artist.

    In art, his re-thinking of the rules of perspective changed the way that artists looked at the world. Picasso saw that although we can only see one side of an object the other sides exist at the same time - so he painted them. He also had fused African tribal art - notably masks - with his art, creating a new visual alphabet.

    But arguably his greatest significance is his response to the first aerial bombing of a civilian population in times of war, the flattening of the city of Guernica in Spain. He painted the extra-ordinary work, Guernica, a huge, mostly grey, black and white, painting full of symbols, metaphor and metaphors for suffering. He removed it from Spain, and refused to let it back into the country until democracy was restored, after the Fascist General Franco had won the civil war in 1939. It finally returned to Spain in 1992.

    The painting is a visual reminder of the horrors of war, fascism, and the suffering of ordinary citizens.

    The third reason is that he made the artist like a rock star, he ushered in the age of celebrity artist. No longer did artists feel like they should be struggling in a shabby garret in Paris, they could socialise with kings, princes and models. They could feel at home in Monte Carlo or in New York high society, and they could advertise products in magazines, on television and in the cinema. Andy Warhol, Damian Hurst and even Banksey have become household names because Picasso realised that the artist themselves can be the art.

    Picasso's influence is enormous - not just because of his works, and some are just sublime - like Weeping Woman or some of his Marie-Therese series - but because of this re-invention of perspective and how an artist views the world, and how the World views the artist.


    The Shock of the New by Robert Hughes and

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    Picasso change into adament about his being a member of the communist party and in 1950 received the Stalin Peace Prize and in 1962 the Lenin Peace Prize. even as he change into in many circumstances severe of communist politics, those criticism were commonly maginified contained in the West, and Picasso by potential of his lack of life maintained he ws a communist artist... i trust it really is truthful to decline artist unmarried-handedly replaced or switched over paintings - that that is all interconnected ie. Picasso had many admired artist friends and collaborators. Matisse change into an quite good impression on Picasso.. and Picasso's paintings stretches for the time of such large classes of the 20 th century, one could say he's in a experience all of twentieth century paintings. i love his pink/rose era works/pics and the cubism and later works... this is a misquote inspite of the undeniable fact that it matches Piscasso: 'paintings is a few thing you'll get away with...' He took paintings out of the shadows and made it very open and accessible - made the artist a form residing human beings hero of self expression....yet he change into no longer the in uncomplicated words one doing this...

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    Picasso help create the cubist style of art. The impressionists were fascinated by light. Cubist tried to look at things in a different way. Take a look at Picasso's girl friend, she has three eyes. When you lay with your girlfriend very close, nose to nose, you will notice she also has three eyes. A lot of the ideas in cubism was also mimicked in physics. In a way, Picasso and Einstein were fishing out of the same lake.

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    He did. He was very revolutionary. Check out this site.

    It is his official site

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    he used photoshop.

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