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Does in school suspension (ISS) during junior high affect you later in life like when looking at colleges?

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    No it does not. My brother goes to Harvard and he got ISS once during middle school but it wasn't for like a fight or anything

    A teacher gave me ISS for accidentally spilling soda in the cafeteria. lol

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    Colleges do not seem at that. They can simplest see your grades. The simplest approach they might recognise approximately that's in case your steering counselor positioned that for your transcript, however I doubt it. Just consider approximately the entire dangerous youngsters who received approved into tuition, Im beautiful shure that their list used to be no longer placed on their transcript. A transcript is simplest to your grades.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    No.. Now if you were expelled then maybe that would but i hve had an ISS before im not worried about it besides that was years ago

  • drip
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    9 years ago

    US colleges will only want your transcripts from HS. Nothing before 9th grade

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