The girl I like and spilled everything to said "lets just be friends." ?

I legitimately spilled all my feelings for this girl, I told her everything. I've been honest and sincere ever since day 1, I've told her everything she wants to hear. Then the other night I could tell something was bothering her and asked what was going on. She told me that there was another guy, and she just wants to be friends. While I felt like I got hit by a freight train, I kept my head up high and said "alright, we'll be friends and see where that takes us," trying to show her that it didn't effect me at all, while really, if she had tore my skin off while I was alive and ripped my organs out of my body one-by-one, it probably would have hurt less. Anyway, she told me that the things I said to her brought back the feelings she had for me. I always offer her my help, I always give her advice and I'm always here to listen to her never-ending problems and comfort her. What do I get in return? This. Point is, am I wasting my time if I keep trying to pursue her? Am I only hurting myself more? I literally think that I've been doing everything right, yet she's going to abandon me for a guy that's going to treat her like ****, and she knows that I'll treat her like a freaking princess. I've tried just about everything. What should I do? What should I say to her to try to get her back? Should I say anything at all? I'm honestly so confused by this. Any and all answers are appreciated, just please don't be mean about your answers...

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  • 8 years ago
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    I'm disgusted, she's so unfaithful I suggest you forget her and find a better girl. And no, don't try to convince me that she's so nice if she's not faithful she's worth nothing. I've been with my fiance for years and although he created many problems that made me rethink about finding someone else (unlike you who treated her nicely), now I'm still with him and the happiest girl alive. It's mainly because all the provoke that occurred he changed and most of all he's HONEST. He tries to tease me by complimenting other girls and when I look sad he's like in love with me. And we both spilt out feelings that will always make us close. I'm telling u ur right because I had a relationship with this other guy and we spilt out all our feelings and were very serious and the only thing that split us up was severe family disagreements a bit like Romeo and Juliet. There are so many girls out there ready to value your feelings, just be serious and take good time searching.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    OOH a freaking princess? Lol... Respect her wishes and continue JUST being her friend. Maybe she'll realize she likes you more that the new guy, or maybe she'll just continue to be your friend which isn't a horrible thing. Don't pressure her into dating you that will just creep her out, but continue to always be there for her. Maybe look for a different girl? You might like a new girl more, or if you don't talking about a different girl with the girl you like will make her jealous.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Try and be there for her like you already are. Do your best to prove you are the one for her and not the other guy. If you can't take watching her with someone else, move on. If she realizes later on that you two are perfect then she will come back, if not then it wasn't meant to be. Go on a couple of dates, maybe all it will take is her seeing you with another girl.

  • oooh, she's bumpin' uglies with another dude!

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