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@ Sones---Should i be one too?

I Like SNSD, But i HATE sones...


This is why:


This is why:

I know a lot of fandoms Are delusional but sones seem the most delutional.

How? like this...:@ fan-servie

@Proud Yoonadic


I really love SnSD, But,

Im so sorry to sya this but, Im tired of you desperate sones trying so hard to prove things that are not true...First of all: 2NE1 is more popular outside of asia. thats a fact that cannot be denied. ask almost any young person in the US if they've heard of 2ne1. also, they won "BEST NEW BAMD IN THE WORLD" Not even winning it is the honor...BEING NOMINATED IS. Was SNSD nominated? no. even if they were, 2NE1 would've won. Maybe snsd is popular but there are WAY more haters than sones(I've never once in my entire life met someone who actually liked snsd, everyone in the US hates them...No offence.) Also, 2NE1 was called out by WILL I AM ON THEIR DEBT YEAR. Just watch them blow up even more. Fact no....13532: Everyone that follows will i am on twitter oprox 69043, reads his constant tweets on 2NE

Update 2:

2NE1, and of course instantly becomes a fan.

Also, You who say YoonA's 'famous list of fanboys' is long, well the guys on that list are people, and i quote, people who 'mentioned her.

Dara's list is longer, and full of IDOLs who actually said that they liked her and chose her as their ideal type. ---Read, EXTREME LIKING---Not just "metioned" or "showed intrest--- Pretty cool considering...2NE1 debuted 2yrs after GG...'s_Fanboys%E2%99%A5

Update 3:

Oh and you know whats funny? @fan-service will like this: GG's brother group SHINee All kissed Dara. And Suju professed that they are mega BJ's.

---2NE1 Fanboys---

Jay Park: Yo Sones CANNOT argue w/ the fact the Jay Park is A HUGE BJ. AND AND AND

You guys will prob come up w/ some idiotic response...Like all sones:/

More 2ne1 fonaboys? yes.

Youtube thumbnail

Youtube thumbnail


Update 4:

To be Honest i've come to ADORE SNSD....But I wanted to set this staight with you delusional Sones.......

I'm so sorry if I've offended you:( I really do love SNSD. But you guys are the ones who brought me to this.

im totally inlove with SNSD they are just so great.

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    Almost every fan club has idiotic, childish , immature fans.

    I can say that from my own personal experience sones, elfs and blackjacks are the most ridiculous ones.

    Although I will tell you that sometimes fans make it hard to like a group.

    Kpop fans are extremely protective, and passionate about their biases. Sometimes they go overboard with bashing each other as well as foreign artists. There simply is too much delusion going on.

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    if you're gonna judge SNSD by their fans, then I probably would have hated 2NE1 a long time agi because you do realize, you bash SNSD in almost every comment that you write.

    Let me tell you this, K-pop fans are humans. You can't say SONES are christians, Muslims, Americans, Koreans, Japanese, black,white,homosexuals,heterosexuals, Asians, European or whatever because we're all different. We have one thing in common and that is we like SNSD. I may be a sone that loves Super junior, some sones don't, I might not like Big Bang but some sones do. We're all different. Really.

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    I am a SONE.

    I am not a blackjack merely because I do not follow 2NE1.

    They are talented but I just don't follow their music.

    When someone insults SNSD, I ignore them because its worthless to try and fight back.

    Some SONE's can be very mean and too aggressive, like any fan of any group you can name.

    I support them strongly and with love, as any other fan would, of any other artist.

    What exactly was your question?

    Source(s): Sincerely, a SONE.
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    Hello (:

    Well I'm a SONE/Showal . I like alot of Groups such as 2ne1 ... But i'm not a blacjack.

    A Sone likes each member and doesnt insult them , If u like SNSD but u dislike Sones , Then just lsn to the grup :) Its tottaly fine <3


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    again, in EVERY fandom there's stupid, childish and disrespectful people.. the only reason you think sones are the worst is because we are in a bigger quantity than the others.. so don't generalize and stop hating on us..

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    if you like SNSD then thats why you should be a sone. if their music is not your style, then don't be one. Don't try to analyze fans. if you like them, then you already are a sone, it you don't then don't be.

    Source(s): A SONE.
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