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What words that begin with the letters D, I, N, O, Q, T, V, and, Y have to do with William SHAKESPEARE'S life?

If u dont know all of them its ok, just fill out as many as u can. also with the letter t the word cant start with the

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  • 8 years ago
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    Doll Tearsheet; Falstaff's girlfriend in Henry IV.2

    Imogen: heroine, and main character, in Cymbeline.

    Nym : One of Falstaff's hangers-on. A major role in Merry Wives. Hanged for looting in Henry V.

    Oldcastle : Sir John Oldcastle was the actual historical figure on whom Falstaff was modeled.

    Quartos : Individual plays were published as Quartos. Collected plays were published as Folios. The plays published during Shakespeare's life (as individual plays) are called Quartos.

    Tamburlaine : Famous two-part play by Shakespeare's exact contemporary Christopher Marlowe (played by Rupert Everett in Shakespeare in Love).

    Viola : Twelfth Night.

    Bartholomew Yonge: Gentleman of the MIddle Temple. Translated Montemayor's Diana Enamorada, some time before 1582. This is probably where Shakespeare found the plot for The Two Gentlemen of Verona.

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