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need to loose weight help!?

i desperatly need to get rid of my belly, tone up my bum, get rid of my bingo wings and double chin... etc. im going on holiday in a month and need to start now also tips on diets as i hate veg and gag but love pretty muchyhing else and love spinach. thanks. by the way im 14 and female.

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    Heres a few tips:

    Like having fun? put on some dance music and jump around for 45 minutes each day. make sure you drink lots of WATER, nothing else! Replace fast food with white meats like chicken and fish. Try and make a stir fry with veg, i know you hate it but you can get special satay sauces to make them tastier. drink a pint of water before a meal so you eat less and feel fuller for longer. stop eating AT LEAST 4 hours before bed and get at least 8 hours sleep. drink 8 glasses of water a day and make sure you take vitamin tablets for all the nutrients youll be eurinating out. replace sweets with fruit and fizzy drinks with a fruit smoothy or water. hope i helped :)

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