Altezza Attrice Cyber girls?

C'è un telefilm su disney channell si chiama cyber girls

l'attrice Charlotte Nicdao .. cioè Jackie .. sembra molto alta

piu' o meno sapete la sua altezza ???

e se volete mi dite anche quella delle altre ;)


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  • calaf
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    8 years ago
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    Sophie Karbjinski (Emma): She was born on September 10 1995 in Berlin (Germany)

    Her height is 168 cm.She's fluent on english because it's her mother's tongue.

    She can sing,play guitar & piano.She practices ballet, hip hop, jazzdance and she can also ride horses.

    Marny Kennedy (Ally): She was born on 21 January 1994 in Melbourne (Australia)

    She's known because of her character Taylor Fry in the tv series Mortified.She played Veronica diAngelo in the third season of The Saddle Club. She can dance (she did ballet all her life through) and she can also ride horses.

    Charlotte Nicdao (Jacky): Charlotte has always found writing in the third person a little....................

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