why did joan of arc want to crown the dauphin, Charles VII, as king?

please be specific. not just because of the "voices." this information is needed for a presentation i'm doing and i just want an example of how i could word it.

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  • Derek
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    9 years ago
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    She was a patriot. She was French. He was French. He was the next in line for the throne, despite having a silly title. ( Did you know that Dauphin is French for Dolphin? It is taken from the badge that they wore ).

  • Todd
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    9 years ago

    I suspect it was mostly because he was the only one lobbying to protect the region of France where she grew up, which had previously been ransacked when she was younger. He was somebody she trusted, and she needed to come up with a story that sounded like it might have political and religious validity.

    Politics back then was not so much different than today. The dauphin had no problem sending a zealous young girl to wolves. If she proves her worth, yay, god smiles on France. If she doesn't, then god wasn't smiling upon her. The dauphin is blameless either way.

    Edit... oops, I meant he was a hero in the former, and blameless in the latter.

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