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what you do think of these finest directors/producers works?

in my opinion, they are the best

1. J.J. Abrams

2. Steven Spielberg

3. James Cameron

what do you think about their works? and their various styles.

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    1. J.J Abrams still relatively new to film as he hasn't made a lot of feature films outside of t.v. Love his visual style and pacing, he is obviously hugely influenced by Spielberg and Lucas (even down to admitting his Star Trek version was a take on Star Wars!). That much is evident from Super 8 which is like a cross between Close Encounters and E.T. Mission Impossible 3 is underrated IMO.

    2. Steven Spielberg - a mixed bag these days but no doubting he is a master of cinema,Jaws, Close Encounters, E.T, Raiders, Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan are just some of his films that have continually set the benchmark for modern cinema. Starting off with Raiders of the Lost Ark, he is probably single handedly responsible for the faster pace editing in action movies that has so evolved into the MTV Michael Bay style it is today.

    3. James Cameron - Like Spielberg but I think he is more a master of the technical aspects of cinema and technology as is evident from Avatar. His best works (story and visuals) in my Opinion are in this order - Aliens, The Abyss, Terminator 2, The Terminator.

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    1. J.J. Abrams, I could care less about what he does in film. I prefer his TV credits--my favourite show ever is Lost, so there you go. I like his style though, how unexpected and dark it can be.

    2. Fantastic director, but overrated in my opinion. Only because I'm not really into blockbuster stuff as much as everyone else is--I can see why people love him. My favourite film by him is definitely Catch Me If You Can. He's good at tearjerkers.

    3. Ugh. Titanic was bearable. His older movies were good--now he just relies too heavily on flashy effects.

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    Definitely Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, more often than not Star Trek. X-Men Orgins" Wolverine, Terminator Salvation, Angels and Demons and Public Enemies will definitely wait till DVD except any person needs to take me and pay. Be fine in the event that they could take me to dinner too. LOL The leisure I could not care a lot much less approximately.

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