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menu help! what is easy to serve a lot of people quickly?

i want something that can be served to about 100 people fairly quickly

prefer warm but cold is ok too.

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    Pizza and wings

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    What is this exactly for? A birthday party? Shower? Work? Wedding? That usually makes a difference in a menu if it's going to be children or mainly men or women because they like different groups of foods.

    A good basis is meatballs that you can just put in a big crockpot with bbq sauce and grape jelly. Also fruit kabobs on kabob sticks are great. A big sub is easy to which they have at Kroger or Subway and then just cut them in 3 inch parts and then put the lettuce, olives,oil and vinegar, tomato etc. out. Chocolate covered strawberries are easy. Just get chocolate chips or candy quik and melt it in microwave, dip in the ends and their ready. You can also do bananas, pretzels, marshmallows.etc.

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    Chicken sala



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    Order 16 dozen bagels, 4 cold cut platters, 10 pounds potato salad, cole slaw, pickles. Condiments, coffee, milk, sugar, and cake. 30 bottles of soda too.

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    chili....over rice if u want to make an effort and bread with wine and a slice of color just for the heck of it.

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