Does anyone know how I can get my tattoo equipment for guesting abroad in Tenerife sent there ahead of me?

I have worked abroad loads of times but never worked the canarys can anyone help that has worked there as a tattooist, basically I'm flying and we only get one suitcase allowance I need to know how to get my case with my equipment in added to the flight or alternatively have it sent separately ahead of me. I really need advice,help ASAP as we leave next week to work Tenerife. Thanks. Rob

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  • 8 years ago
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    Do not get a tattoo .

    • I wasn't getting a tattoo I am a pro tattoo artist tattooing out there. Perhaps you should read questions before giving your pathetic answers or perhaps go and waste your own time elsewhere rather than wasting ours on here.

  • My tattoo supply company can ship purchases to Tenerife, but it will be a push to get it to you within a week. If you already have equipment to ship, you should talk with DHL as they specialize in international shipping. Let us know if we can do anything to help you.

    • Nice one thanks i sorted now but handy to know and thanks for the link post to yur biz page. Can u send me a trade catalogue asap pls to
      Stay frosti guyz
      Rob scorpion Donaldson

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