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Do you miss Dennis Wilson and Carl Wilson?

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  • Lana H
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    9 years ago
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    Short answer: Tremendously!

    Dennis always said (long before it was public opinion) "Brian is the Beach Boys, we're his messengers. He's everything, we're nothing".

    While I believe this true (& is a small demonstration of the kind of person Denny was), I also think Denny & Carl WERE The Beach Boys too. As far as I'm concerned Brian Wilson can never get enough credit, accolades, awards, etc but at the same time (imo) neither can Dennis and Carl. I think their extraordinary talents and contributions to the band (and music in general) kind of get lost in the shuffle and are extremely under appreciated because Brian was/is Rock N Roll's resident genius. People don't think one band (or anyone for that matter) could have more than one member with that kind of talent, much less 3 members, and all from the same family.

    Dennis was the inspiration for a good majority of their early songs, not to mention the one who suggested they write a song about "Surfin'". Who knows how long it may have taken them to get a single, record deal, or make the charts if that seed hadn't been planted. He was the one who gave them their identity and authenticity. Dennis, from day one, was Brian's biggest supporter, admirer, defender, and cheerleader which I think was very important, especially during the SMiLE period and after. He definitely isn't acknowledged for that. He became the bands most consistent (if not it's best) writer in the early 70s, helping to keep Brian's vision & the Beach Boy's creative integrity alive. And in my book he totally gets major points for being the only one who didn't put up with any of Mike's BS ; )

    Carl was (as it's been said so many times) the glue that held it all together. He took over as leader of the live band when he was only 18, and carried on in the vein of his big brother. He was arguably the best vocalist in a band full of exceptionally gifted voices. He was an enormous contributor to the band early instrumental sound. He seemed to always be the calm one who weathered the storms, and tried to keep the peace. I think he can almost single handedly be credited with keeping the band together and a viable act after SMiLE. He, along with Dennis, kept The Beach Boys relevant while still trying to support and help Brian through his artistic frustration and troubles. I think it's a HUGE testament to Carl's importance and influence on the Beach Boys that they basically ceased to exist after he died.

    I think their importance, next to Brian's, cannot be emphasized enough. There wouldn't have been a Beach Boys without them, and the band certainly wouldn't have kept it's fantastic artistic flow and integrity as long as it did. I, personally, miss them dearly for their incomparable artistic strengths, but even more so for their incredibly kind hearts and beautiful souls. They were two gems that were a combination of greatness that I don't think we'll ever see again.

    Sorry if I went a bit overboard, I guess I get carried away when it comes to these guys = )

    Source(s): Lifelong ♥ Dennis & Carl ♥ fan
  • GOB
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    9 years ago

    With brian wilson and mike love is enough, i guess.

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