Is it worth buying a pregnancy test after depo provera?

Hi so i have been on and off the depo for about 2 years, i got my last shot in september then was meant to go back on the 6th december but didnt. i got my period back on the 6th of february, had unprotected sex quite a bit after my period and havent recieved a period since. Is it worth buying a test or is it the depo playing mind tricks? (: thanks

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  • 8 years ago
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    Hi! I'm using Depo Provera now too. While on it, I've stopped getting my period. To make sure that it's 99.7 percent effective you really need to keep getting your shots consistently. I know that you can continue to not ovulate for some time after stopping though. If Depo Provera was causing your periods to stop while you were taking it and now that you've stopped you received a period, that could mean that it has stopped working for you. Or, it could simply mean that the Depo is causing an irregular cycle. In any case, I'd for sure buy a test just to make sure, since you had unprotected sex after not getting the shot.

  • 3 years ago

    it doesent relatively count quantity how much low-cost the assessments are you may bypass to the dollor save for being pregnant assessments it doesent make a difference. however the sole reason it would be adverse while you're pregnant is via fact which you took it to early . in case you choose to renowned for constructive bypass get 3 diverse being pregnant assessments take all of them on the comparable time. in the event that they're all adverse then your no longer pregnant if any of them are constructive you're. or you need to in basic terms bypass to the scientific expert and that they'll teach you climate or no longer your pregnant. solid success

  • 8 years ago

    just go to walmart and get the $3 test. totally worth it for the peace of mind

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