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How to do your make up like zooey deschanel?

I love the simplicity of her make up. it doesn't take over her face.

so can you give me some tips to do her make up? x

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    awh I love Zooey, her style is gorgeous and perfect. I've found some pretty good ways to get makeup like hers, I'll tell you what products I use and hopefully it will work for you too!

    ok so for starters, I like to use a lot of Rimmel products (partly because Zooey is their spokesperson/model), but there's some products put out by other brands that I still like.

    first start with your eyeshadow. Zooey never has dark or smoky eyeshadow on, but she goes for light pinks and gold, sometimes with sparkle. Rimmel HD Glam'eyes eyeshadow quad in English Rose ($4.99) is pretty, you get several shades of taupe and pink that blend together well. or try Rimmel Glam'eyes eyeshadow quad in Urban Flower ($3.99); it comes with a white, green, shimmery honey-brown, and brown colours. depends on how pronounced you want the effect. personally I like the English Rose colours. just blend them into your eyelids to get a nice pink and peachy effect.

    for eyeliner, I like Revlon Colourstay eyeliner (black, $4). it's just a simple eyeliner with a built-in sharpener. sharpen it first and then thinly line your top eyelid only. make the line get a little bigger as you work outwards. taper it at the end into a small winged tip. (if you don't know how to do the little tips, try watching a youtube video or two - they're very helpful! it takes a bit of practice but you'll get the hang of it.) don't line your lower lids at all, that's part of what makes Zooey look so fresh-faced.

    for mascara, I like Rimmel Volume Accelerator ($6). give your lashes a couple of sweeps with it so they stand up and out but don't clump at all. less is more! if you want you can give your lower lashes a light coat of mascara as well.

    to make your eyes stand out, put some white eyeshadow or eyeliner on the inner corners of your eyes, and/or line your waterline with white eyeliner. I've heard this is a tip of Zooey's makeup artist to make your eyes look brighter.

    lastly, finish off with a bit of lip gloss or lipstick. for gloss, I like the Rimmel Stay Glossy in the shade Always Lovely ($5.50). it's a nice shiny pink colour. if you prefer lipstick, Rimmel also has some beautiful light shades. if you're going easy on the eye makeup, use a bright colour to make your lips stand out. :)

    oh, and for your skin, remember again that less is more. use your favourite powders and concealers as you see fit. I like a light coat of Revlon Photoready foundation ($10) topped off with a matte finishing powder if you need the coverage (such as Almay Clear Complexion pressed powder, $10). finish off with a light dusting of blush near your cheekbones. I like CoverGirl basics blush in Pink Silk ($4).

    sorry if that was a lot of info there, but I promise if you stick to that you'll have makeup like Zooey's in no time! if you can get the eyeliner down, this makeup look takes only about ten minutes to do. have lots of fun with it! :)

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    Neither. Zooey simply has beautiful eyes. That's it. If you took the ones eyes away, you men would not even name her "beautiful" or any of that stuff. Katy is simply cheesy and stressful.

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    google what makeup she uses which means use the mascara she uses.

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