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Help with renaming a character?

I'm looking for help with renaming my character? I'm just looking for suggestion on names. She's from the south, so I want a southern type name and has had a tough life but has made something of herself. Not that I feel it matters but she has long curly brown hair and dark blue eyes. Thanks in advance for your help!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Abbye Reece

    Abby Gail

    Abby Lynne

    Ada Carol

    Ada Mae

    Addie Beth

    Addie Lou

    Addie Lyn

    Addie Rose

    Agnes Anne

    Alcie Lynn

    Alice Ann

    Alice Lee

    Allie Beth

    Allie Dee

    Allie Kat

    Allie Kate

    Allie Mae


    Allison Ann

    Alma Dee

    Alma Grace

    Alma Sue

    Alta Mae

    Alva Grace

    Alyce Ann

    Amanda Jayne

    Amanda Leigh

    Amanda Scott

    Amelia Kate

    Ammie Opaline

    Amy Lou

    Amy Lynn

    Amy Sue


    Angela Gaye



    Anna Beth

    Anna Brock

    Anna Byrd

    Anna Catherine

    Anna Claire

    Anna Grace

    Anna Grayden

    Anna Kate

    Anna Katherine

    Anna Lane

    Anna Laura


    Anna Louise


    Anna Lynn

    Anna Mae

    Anna Margaret

    Anna Rice

    Anna Ruth

    Anna Scott

    Anna Sofia

    Ann Beck

    Ann Carol

    Ann Carter

    Ann Claire

    Ann Clark

    Ann Corinne

    Ann Dow

    Anne Craig

    Anne Harrell

    Anne Harrison

    Anne Howard

    Ann Elizabeth

    Anne Taylor

    Ann Forrest

    Ann Gray

    Ann Hayden

    Ann Hunter

    Annie Bess

    Annie Blanche

    Annie Burns

    Annie Clyde

    Annie Earl

    Annie Fitz

    Annie Jane

    Annie Kate

    Annie Lloyd

    Annie Lois

    Annie Love

    Annie Mac

    Annie Pearl

    Annie Rose

    Ann Kirk

    Ann Marie

    Ann Morrow

    Ann Riley

    Ann Thomas

    Ann Turner

    Ann Wallace

    Archie Lee

    Archie Ray

    Arthur Owen

    Ashley Anne

    Ashton Leigh




    Mary Bob

    Mary Butler

    Mary Brooks

    Mary Carl

    Mary Carlyle

    Mary Caroline

    Mary Catherine

    Mary Cecil

    Mary Chandler

    Mary Charles

    Mary Christan

    Mary Claire

    Mary Clay

    Mary Cleo

    Mary Cullen

    Mary Dabney

    Mary Don

    Mary Elise

    Mary Ella

    Mary Ellen

    Mary Fish

    Mary Ford

    Mary Frances

    Mary Garner

    Mary Glenn

    Mary Grace

    Mary Greg

    Mary Harriett

    Mary Harris

    Mary Hart

    Mary Helen

    Mary Inez

    Mary James

    Mary Jane

    Mary Jewel

    Mary Jim

    Mary Jo

    Mary John

    Mary Katherine

    Mary Keith

    Mary Laird

    Mary Lane

    Mary Laura

    Mary Lee

    Mary Louise

    Mary Love

    Mary Lucille

    Mary Lucy

    Mary Lula

    Mary Mac

    Mary Mallen

    Mary Margaret

    Mary Martha

    Mary Michael

    Mary Michie

    Mary Morgan

    Mary Norman

    Mary Ouida

    Mary Parker

    Mary Pat

    Mary Payne

    Mary Payton

    Mary Retta

    Mary Roger

    Mary Street

    Mary Sue

    Mary Taylor

    Mary Tom

    Mary Virginia

    Mary Walta

    Mary Will

    Mattie Blair

    Mattie Lou

    Mattie Mae

    Mattie Ruth

    Mattie Sue

    Max Everett

    Melissa Ray

    Melva Jean

    Merrie Lark


    Miles Ray

    Mina Ruth

    Minnie May

    Minnie Mearl

    Minnie Pearl

    Minnie Vee

    Miss Miller

    Missy Rhee

    Molly Kate

    Molly Katherine

    Molly Margaret

    Myra Ann


    Nana Ruth

    Nanci Beth

    Nancy Clare

    Nancy Ellen

    Nancy Helen

    Nancy Kay

    Ned Allen

    Neesy Lyn

    Neily Ann

    Nella Dean

    Nella Ree

    Nellie June

    Nettie Ellen

    Nina Claire

    Nina Faye

    Nina Gail

    Nina Mae

    Nina Margaret

    Nita Faye

    Nola Mae

    Nona Lee

    Nora Belle

    Nora Cate

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  • 9 years ago

    I personally like Skyler (or Skylar), Ray, Annabell and Jay (or Jae)

    Good Luck :D

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  • 9 years ago



    Aubrey-Anne <-- this is gorgeous


    I also love Marabell

    Source(s): I just invented those
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  • 9 years ago


    sounds pretty to me and southern.

  • 9 years ago

    Name her Ali baba

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