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Heart of Darkness Part 1 questions?

1. The company doctor measures the size of the head before people leave, but what does he say about the changes as a result of the African experience? And what do these comments suggest about Marlow's upcoming experience?

2. As Marlow observes, "I felt as though, instead of going to the center of a continent, I were about to set off for the center of the earth." How does it relate to the following, "the archetypal myth dramatasized in much great literature since the book of Johah: the story of an essentially solitary journey with spiritual change in the voyager."?

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  • shomer
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    4 years ago

    Heart Of Darkness Part 1

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    The Heart of Darkness (Everyman's Library (Paper)) by Joseph Conrad is one of those classics of literature that should be read by everyone. It is dark and deeply psychological. But more than just a great novel, it is probably one of the most frequently referenced culture touchstones in the western world (if you think Apocolypse Now was an "important film," then you should read the inspiration behind it--Heart of Darkness). But anyone can find "what is this book about" on many websites. THe Norton Critical edition is probably the best way to read Heart of Darkness. THe Norton Critical edition includes contemporary reviews, and major literary critics discussing the importance of the book. In other words, if you read the Norton Critical edition you'll of course be able to talk about "what happens" in the book but also "why it is significant"

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