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Should I get a pixie cut?

I'm 16, and have a round face shape, and I was thinking about getting a smooth pixie cut or one like Ginnifer Goodwin has. I'm just worried about being called a "dyke" at my high school. Is it a good idea to get one in high school because of this? Any tips for making one look more feminine?

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    I've had mine cut Princess Di's hair style once, it looked good on her, but because of my hair texture, HATED it on me.

    The only advice I can give you? It's only hair. If you don't like the pixie cut or bob style, you can always grow your hair again. You'll never know how it looked on you, without trying it.

    I am for long hair now. I had more problems and troubles with short hair, and I looked like a boy. I have sons, and I don't want to look like one of their sisters when I'm with them. I want to look more like their mom. My short hair is over, I had that all my grade school life and won't look like grade school or like all the Seniors @ the center - where I do volunteer work. Short hair makes one look more mature. If that was the case, I've been mature since 2nd grade. If that's where you want to look, then go for it, no offense.

    If you do decide to cut your hair shorter, make sure they're wrapped up saved in paper. I guarantee you, they will never be that long, healthy and color again.

    Example of one who cut her hair too short:

    "ok,so my god mom is a beautician and just did my hair and cut it SO short it is exactly how i did not want it and school is tomorrow."

    An article re: Vanessa Hudgen's hair: "After weeks of trying and failing to make her new haircut work for her, Vanessa Hudgens has given up and shoved a hat on.

    The High School Musical star got her gorgeous, tumbling locks cut off for her new role in the movie, Gimme Shelter and has since struggled to get to grips with her new barnet. In fact, Vanessa herself described the haircut as making her look like a 'soccer mom' and we couldn't help but agree." ~ Entertainmentwise

    Google: Jennifer Aniston Admits Extensions wreaked havoc on her hair." Some girls hated their short hair, so they want hair extensions, but this is just extra suggestion, not to do.

    Another example cut her very long hair to her chin. "more then one year later


    Another example: "so i told the lady to cut my hair half my back and she gave me a bob in one cut with the scissors and bangs people in school called me a boy and it took 7 years to grow back."

    Another example: "This literally happens to me every time I get my hair cut. The worst though, I was trying to grow out my hair. I told this lady that and she cut it to my shoulders. On top of that she cut it crooked! So she had to cut it shorter. To my ears. I was little sobbing when I walked out."

    Emma Watson: "People Said I Had ‘Lesbian’ Hair" Style Watch 2-23-12

    There is a small amount of people say, "I love my hair exactly the way it is." I mean if we have straight hair we want it curly, short we want it long, and vice versa.

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    I think you should do it. You have the perfect face for a short haircut. You will look great in a pixie cut, Go for it.

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    hmm go on and there you can try out some hairstyles

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