What are the 6 basic blocking and 12 striking techniques of Arnis?

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depends on the style of arnis but the most common I have seen use this

but as always this is no substitute for a instructor
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  • kajukat answered 2 years ago
    It varies from style to style. What I learned as the 12 Attacks may be different from what Aaron R learned. There may be some similarities also. So, whatever style you choose to do, or whatever style is available in your location, learn their version of the 12 Attacks.


    Arnis, Muay Thai, Kajukenbo
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  • Weaker Fist answered 5 months ago
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  • Kemjiu ® answered 2 years ago
    Every art of Eskrima / Kali Arnis had different ways of 12 striking and blocking technique, but since you ask these things, then I will comply on this according to your post.

    Basic blocking has many applications, not just 6 that you are trying to know, but I will list some of those important and different blocks.

    1. Blocking to the attack from elbow, shoulder, jaw and temple (right side).
    2. Blocking to the attack from elbow, shoulder, jaw and temple (left side).
    3. Blocking to the attack at the center of the head.
    4. Blocking to the attack at the lower center of the body (stomach).
    5. Blocking to the attack at the middle of the of the body (chest / solar plexus)
    6. Blocking to the attack at lower part of the body (legs or knees).

    Basic striking

    1. Left elbow
    2. Right collar bone
    3. Left collar bone
    4. Right shoulder
    5. Solar Plexus
    6. Chest
    7. Right Jaw
    8. Left shoulder
    9. Right temple
    10. Left temple
    11. Right lower part of the ear
    12. Center of the head (crown)

    . . . . . . . .



    Good luck
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