Who exactly is Hanna Beth ?

I found out about her through Demi. I like her, & love her style, but I barely know about her? She's like.. a model. But That's all I know. How does Demi know her? & How else did she become famous, because it seems Demi boosted her "career".

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    Hanna Beth is ex-girlfriend of Trace Cyrus from metro station.Demi and Hanna celebrated a joint birthday party on 2011. Trace is a known drug user, he got Hanna more into cocaine than she already was because she used to do cocaine and it got worse when she started dating Trace.

    She's suppose she's clean now.Demi started dabbling in cocaine shortly after dating Trace and that's when she started going downhill, her eating disorder, exhaustion, that's why she punched her backup dancer.

    Now Hanna and Demi are BFF's because they both realized what a douche Trace is.

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