What would you do if you were in my position. Opinions NEEDED: Please take time to read.. =/?

Here we go..

Me and this guy dated for almost two years. We broke up a few months ago, because we both made mistakes, and we were always fighting.. So over summer we took time to try and get over eachother.. We got along better then I EVER did with anyone, I could be myself around him, I could even wear no make up and hangout with him and he would still call me beautiful. We were eachothers first in EVERYTHING "and I quote everything", we truely were in love. And I couldnt imagine doing half the things we did with anyone else.. (sounds dumb or corny but i really think we were)

After two whole months of not talking I started to get over it little by little, I did try to see other people but I never felt the same.. When the school year started back up we saw eachother in the hallways the first day of school. Dead on we looked at eachother and it felt like time froze. We smiled and said hi and went on with our day, that night he texted me again. He told me how all summer he thought about me and he saw on facebook how I was happy and hanging out with guys which really bothered him, but he wanted me to be happy. I believed every word he told me he even said he would still cry to our song! =( Like how freakin cute is that? He told me he loved me and that would never change. We went to homecoming together and we kissed that night. It was an amazing time, and any guy I kissed after him never made me feel that much fire.

But here is where it gets confusing...

Later on in the school year we talked about getting back together.. We decided we couldnt because I am going to college this fall and he is a junior. So he will still be in highschool one more year. He ended up dating someone else.. I told him goodbye and that it hurt me REALLY bad. I heard from almost everyone in school say that he was dating her to make me jealous?? O.o But why would he do that if he loved me.. He knew we couldnt be together, but it still hurt me.. They broke up not too long after and he started talking to me again.. I was an idiot and believed him again with everything he said..

Two weeks ago we decided to hangout at my house because we wanted to figure things out, say goodbye for good, or be friends. We talked for a really long time and we even cried together.. Out of nowhere he reminded me of all these memories I completely forgot about.. He still remembered. We laughed and cried some more and he kissed me again.. Long story short, wont go into detail but out of nowhere, he carried me upstairs and we ended up making love.. It was amazing, just like the first time all over again.. He looked in my eyes and told me he loved me, it was unbelievable and I loved every minute of it. I felt so good about the whole thing, and I felt happy again.. Like I was complete because we made that bond again.

We have now been non stop fighting and argueing.. It hurts really bad and he is getting so jealous even when I talk to my guy friends Ive had since I was little. I get jealous too but I dont say anything,, Ever since we did that, we have been so tense with eachother, and it is hell all over again. We try to communicate and it turns into a vicious fight. And they are bad ='(

I do love him.. Ill admit it, but idk what to do.. Ive tried to leave and I never feel the same, we cant get away from eachother because when we do we end up falling back. I think I should let him go because we arent happy together anymore and i want him to be.. But I honestly dont know...

Please help.

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  • 8 years ago
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    This sounds just like me and my man.

    Honestly dude, please dont leave him. by the way you said stuff, Im sure he loves you. And you guys are back together right?

    You know why you guys fight? cause you guys are so damn comfortable with each other. He's jealous because he wants you to all himself. No guy likes competition (yes they think of it like that, "competition"

    Dont ever rely on your feelings alone. One day he will make u sad, one day he will make you happy as hell.

    Your feelings change normally. You said it yourself, when you tried to get with other guys, it just wasnt the same. ( i totally feel you, i , too , tried to get with others but it srsly was not the same AT ALL )

    Its hard to find someone who really loves you.

    Fights, arguments, this and that, that shiiiiiiiiiiiiit will follow you everywhere. A good relationship is where they are able to get thru all the BS. not past it.

    Think of marriage. they always fight. Cause, they know each other so well and they are so dang comfortable with one another, they are bond to fight.

    Me and my bf are best friends, and yes, i have fought with him over 100000000x times. We been thru hell and back. We've broken up countless times to just get back together.

    Literally, while reading this, I was totally thinking about how it was so similar to my relationship

    Yes, you guys are young. But dont give up now. Give it some time. Look him in the eyes, do you see that genuine love? Does he honestly love you? Do you love him? true love is being able to go thru all the bs and still wanting the best for them. Ask him what he wants. Please dont act on your feelings (basic message). They will certainly change.

    And iknow your girlfriends will be like, "omg you can do way better" "theres so many others out there"

    well they need to shut up. how do YOU feel about this? does he make you happy, (not talking aout fighting)

    does he demand sexxxx all day long? does he care? etc.

    Only you can answer those questions.

    Dont ever be afraid to ask god for help and strength. He's here (sorry if your atheist) LOL.

    Anyways, dont lose faith just yet. Keep strong. God willing, you guys will have a great relation :)

    & if for some reason you guys do break up, its okay. Its not the end of the world. Your only what? 18-19? Its okay, you will find your soulmate.

    Good luck hun :) god bless.

    Source(s): Experience.. if only you knew. haha
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    3 years ago

    Dan it appears did not learn the correct query due to the fact nowhere on this query does it point out measurement. Since you acknowledged that you do not know if you are in love, then you definately would now not be in love together with her in spite of everything. I could reduce my losses and go away. It's now not valued at staying in a courting that you just regularly need to moment wager.

  • 8 years ago

    just talk to him tell him how u feel about it and ask him how he feels as well talk a bout how u should make ur relasionship better things should go smoothly after that if not ............. dump him but give it some time

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