What are the different types of comics?

Like there are marvel comics but what other brand of comics are there? (I don't know if that's the right word usage or not... But anyways, thanks :)

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    I think what you're trying to say is, who else publishes comics (since Marvel is a publishing company). Here are all the ones that are/were in the United States:

    12-Gauge Comics

    215 Ink

    AC Comics

    Academy Comics

    Ace Comics

    ACE Comics

    AdHouse Books

    After Hours Press

    Aircel Comics

    AiT/Planet Lar


    Alias Enterprises

    All-American Publications

    All Star DC Comics

    Alternative Comics

    American Comics Group

    America's Best Comics

    Antarctic Press

    Apex Novelties, Inc.

    Apple Comics

    Approbation Comics

    Ape Entertainment

    Arch Enemy Entertainment

    Archaia Studios Press

    Beckett Comics

    Big Bang Comics

    Big Umbrella

    Blackthorne Publishing

    Bongo Comics

    Boom! Studios

    Brain Scan Studios

    BroadSword Comics

    Broadway Comics

    Comic Media

    Comico Comics

    Comics Interview

    Comics' Greatest World


    Continuity Comics

    Continüm Comics

    Crestwood Publications

    Cross Culture (Christian)

    CrossGen Entertainment

    Crusade Comics

    Curtis Magazines

    Dark Horse Comics

    Comics Greatest World

    Dark Horse Manga

    DC Comics

    Dabel Brothers Productions

    Dargaud USA

    David McKay Publications

    Defiant Comics

    Dell Comics

    Deluxe Comics

    Desperado Publishing

    Devil's Due Publishing

    Devil's Due Digital

    Disney Comics


    Dynamite Entertainment

    Eastern Color Printing

    EC Comics

    Eclipse Comics

    Eerie Publications

    Humanoids Publishing

    Humor Publications/Current Books


    IDW Publishing

    I. W. Publications


    Image Comics

    Imperial Comics

    Imperium Comics

    InterVerse Comics

    Innovation Comics

    JC Comics

    King Comics

    Kitchen Sink Press


    Last Gasp Comix & Stories


    Lev Gleason Publications

    Lonely Robot Comics

    Mad Dog Graphics

    Magazine Enterprises

    Mainline Publications

    Majestic Entertainment

    Malibu Comics

    Manuscript Press

    Marvel Comics

    Marvel Age

    Mighty Comics

    Milestone Media


    Mirage Studios

    M. F. Enterprises

    Mojo Press

    Moonstone Books

    MU Press

    Standard Comics

    New England Comics

    New Sirius Productions

    Noble Comics

    Northstar Publishing

    Novelty Press

    NOW Comics

    Omega Dream Distillery Publications -Oddpubs

    Ominous Press

    Oni Press

    Orbit Publications

    Pacific Comics

    Paper Crane Factory

    Paradox Press

    Personality Comics

    Pied Piper Comics

    Pines Comics

    Print Mint

    Prism Comics

    Quality Comics

    Radical Comics

    Reasonably Priced Comics

    Red Circle Comics

    Renegade Press

    Sequential Pulp Comics

    Seven Seas Entertainment



    Silver Moon Comics

    Silverwolf Comics

    Sirius Comics

    Sirius Entertainment

    Skywald Publications

    Slave Labor Graphics

    Solson Publications

    Todd McFarlane Productions


    Top Cow Productions

    Topps Comics

    Top Shelf Comics

    Tower Comics

    Trojan Magazines

    Triumphant Comics

    Tundra Publishing

    Ultimate Marvel

    Valiant Comics


    Vertigo Comics

    Viper Comics

    VIZ Media

    WaRP Graphics

    Warren Publishing


    Wildstorm Universe

    Wonder Comics

    Yaoi Press

    Zenescope Entertainment

    Zeta Comics

    Source(s): wikipedia
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    DC comics I'm sure you know. And some people would use the word Publisher or Publishing company rather than brand. Anyway, there's:

    DC Comics, Bongo Comics (comics based off TV series, The Simpsons, Futurama, etc...), Image Comics (famous for Spawn and Witchblade), Dark Horse comics (famous for The Mask, Sin City and 300), eigoManga I recently heard of (comics that are influenced by Japanese manga),

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    What 'Ash' said.

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    Types Of Comics

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