How to get a girlfriend if your not super hot?

So I'm not ridiculously hot, but I don't think I'm awful, but I've never had a girlfriend before(I'm 16). How can I find one, charm them, make them laugh, even though I'm not hot? Thanks

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    Girls don't just care about looks, PERSONALITY is key! These are some DONTS in my opinion

    1. The clinger- this guy is to clingy. He texts you too much, follows you around and says he's in love

    2. The Creep- also follows you around, might be shy in a creepy way, stares at you.

    3. The D-Bag- Theyre sexy and they know it- or at least they think they are- in reality they're cocky, mean, and full of it.


    1. The Charmer- this one is down to earth, sweet and respect woman

    Examples: hold the door open for her

    Pick up her books if she drops them

    But not in a clingy/creepy way

    2. The funny one- they always have something funny to say

    Examples: they WON'T crack a joke about woman rights

    WONT make any vulgar sex jokes

    Always light hearted and happy!

    So many more!!

    Bottom line: BE YOURSELF! Ask them out for coffee,tell them lame jokes, sweep her off her feet!

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    How to get a girlfriend if your not super hot?

    So I'm not ridiculously hot, but I don't think I'm awful, but I've never had a girlfriend before(I'm 16). How can I find one, charm them, make them laugh, even though I'm not hot? Thanks

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    The most important thing is being comfortable in your own skin. Girls don't care about looks as much as you think. BUT, if it's obvious that you are very worried about your own looks, that will not come across very well to girls. So, the answer is confidence and being comfortable in your own skin. You need to figure out how you can develop this over time. If you do, not being the best looking person won't really matter at all. Good luck.

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