Imagine the power of imagination? You can either be a host of sightedness or of the false ego idea.?

Buddha rediscovered the lost to humanity Vipassana 2500years ago? Did it originate from Atlantis?


Buzz Lightyear,

Yes I do, thank you.,

I get choked up every time I ponder the increasable creative ability in the powers of imagination of the human being. On the other hand equally bad is the false idea of self, which is an example of the power of imagination. Some feeling are joys of aw and others as sadness. It seems, as indifference is the middle path even if it brings tears.

Update 2:

The Sun is Shining,

Perhaps you have not done your homework. Much of their lineage goes back ten thousand years and their migrations throughout their known world. They are thought to be the designers and builders of the pyramids in Egypt and the same with the Mayans pyramids. Enough said. Thank you for what you think.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Mr. Monk? Do you need a wipe?

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  • 8 years ago

    No. Vispassana isn't from Atlantis.

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