how often do i wash my shoes?(any kind of footwear)?

Whenever i get shoes i never really wash them because when i see that they are in bad condition i just get new ones but now i can't as i can't how often should i was my shoes(any kind)

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    Never, never, never wash anything leather!!! Always take them to a trusted shoe repair. With canvas, if there is no ornamentation, you can use a damp washcloth to freshen them up. With synthetic phony leather, you can be a bit more aggressive and use some gentle soap with the damp washcloth. Phoney patent leather responds well to watered-down Windex. The best way to keep your shoes fresh and clean inside is to always wear peds, hose, or socks. If you drive with your shoes, put a cut carpet pad where the heel of the shoe rests depressing the gas pedal. Aquire some polish in your shoe colours and clean up any scuffs as soon as they appear. Keep tissue paper pads in the shoes and store them in shoe boxes. My mother and I have as many pairs of shoes as Imelda Marcos and love each and every one of them.....some are at least 20 years old or more!

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