who takes photos of street level views for internet mapping site?

I was on a popular internet map site the other day, and there was an amazing option to view maps at street level. I entered the address of a local business, and the map zoomed in to an actual street view of the building. More amazingly, I was able to pan around 360 degrees from that position to view other businesses at this intersecting point in space. It's like someone took a photo of the building, but then they must have also filmed in 360 degrees. I was able to zoom down the street and actually see sites around the city. It was really amazing. It was so photo realistic showing everything you would see if you were actually driving down the road. Does anyone know who takes these photos and video for the mapping sites? Is there someone just riding around all day in a special vehicle with cameras facing all directions. I am fascinated and curious if it is a company or government agency. Seems like a fascinating job. The project would seem to be so big that it must be a government agency. Really great technology. Any advice appreciated. Thanks.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I'm assuming the popular mapping site is google maps. There are basically hundreds of "Google vans" in each country that drive down every road in the world and take pictures of the street view with rotating cameras that take a picture every 2 seconds. The street views are usually updated every 4 years. That is the easy job the more tedious job is compiling the photos into a 360 view and blurring out every pedestrian's face and license plate.

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    4 years ago

    i'm uncertain, yet i do no longer think of so. In the countless highway view photos, you may quite see a white van interior the photograph. additionally the site visitors keeps to be fairly consistent related to the photograph. i'm questioning in specific cities (like manhattan, London, Paris (any city it quite is substantial quite)) that they had a van utilising around at a undeniable time that took 360 degree attitude photos each and every couple seconds whilst utilising. yet it quite is only my hypothesis, do no longer take my be conscious on it.

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