best free online dating site?

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    Most free dating sites are there only to collect information for marketing reasons. There are some that get lucky to meet someone, but not often. I have been doing research on many of them, and there has been very few that even reply.

    I have documented many pictures that are used on multiple sites with different names (which can happen) stating they are in different cities in different states. You may get lucky, but I wouldn't be too optimistic.

    The paid sites have a lot of fake profiles also. Someone sends messages to keep a conversation going so you have just enough interest to keep making the monthly fee payments.

    The "match making" agencies constantly sent me to women that weren't anywhere near my preference, which I specifically told them I like slim to athletic - not anorexic or obese, and only was sent to meet obese women. I was sensing they were using me to keep the women interested in the agency services (probably telling them that there are more guys like me, just be patient) to have the women interested enough to keep making the monthly payments. I specifically stated I like thin to athletic, and the women they sent me to were obese. Not just a little overweight, but very very overweight.

    They all have an angle one way or another, and it benefits them.

    You may get lucky on a web site. I am far from considered ugly, stupid, or socially inept - they haven't worked for me for more than three years.

    Give them a try, but don't hold your breath.

    Good Luck

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    these r good dating websites: 1) facebook. 2) myspace. 3) fuckbook, and if ur a christian 4)

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    Pleanty of fish,

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