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I need to know this movie name ..?

t is about a young boy who lives in a town in USA. He has a lot of classmates who he get on well with

A shy girl comes up in school, . He gets interested in her and they fall in love.

I remember he takes her to his church and afterwards the go to see the sunrise in his van

His classmates are a bit jealous so in a party they become out of control . They rape and kill the girl

Her boyfriend takes revenge killing his classmates.

he goes to prison but manage to escape.

He returns to his town and start picking flowers up from the gardens of the neibourghood. He takes the flowers to his girlfriends s grave.

sad ending

That is all I remember

Help me!

Thank you in advance

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    Buster and Billie (1974)

    Wikipedia synopsis:

    The film is set in a small Georgia town in 1948. It follows the adventures of Buster Lane (Jan-Michael Vincent), a handsome, popular high school senior who is engaged to be married to classmate Margie Hooks (Pamela Sue Martin). He is the 'big man on campus' and the leader of his group of friends. However, Buster is different from them. They often visit a girl from an underprivileged background named Billie Jo Truluck (Joan Goodfellow), who gives them what they want. Meanwhile, Buster becomes disenchanted with Margie's refusal to have sex with him and begins seeing Billie in secret. In the beginning, he sees Billie just for sex but eventually finds himself falling in love with her. Buster is so taken with Billie that he decides to break off his engagement with Margie. Billie finds another lease on life with Buster, and they are happy for the first time in their lives. Happiness for them is short-lived.

    Buster's friends are extremely jealous that they cannot have Billie for their own use anymore and decide to teach Buster a lesson. They corner Billie one day when she is out, and when she refuses to submit to them, they rape and kill her in the heat of the moment. Buster eventually finds her dead and is hysterical. He then goes to the pool hall where his friends are, with the guilt evident on the faces of the main perpetrators of the crime. Enraged, Buster kills two of them, while injuring the other two. He is then put into jail for this but later is released.

    Having missed Billie's funeral, he rips up entire garden beds in the town and takes these flowers to Billie's graveside in her memory.

    EDIT: I was in my early 20s when this became a drive-in hit. It's definitely what would be referred to as a true cult classic, a rather obscure movie that seems to be never shown. Perhaps it will show up again someday.

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