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Breitbart's Shocking Obama Video a Joke?

Apparently, Andrew Breitbart's shocking video was Barack Obama introducing Derrick Bell, the first tenured black professor at Harvard Law School (previously the Dean of the University of Oregon Law School and a professor at Stanford University) and America's preeminent Constitutional legal scholar on critical race theory, at a public rally attended by the national media.

The rally included hundreds of white students protesting in solidarity along with black students demanding that Harvard Law School tenure more women professors of color.

Was this Breitbart's idea of a joke?

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    Breitbart NEVER played games---and only fools called his bluff. When Breitbart promised the video he had would sink Obama's re-election hopes, I entrust the man WAS NOT kidding. Breitbart well knew how badly Obama would want to control the release of THE damming video.

    It makes sense to put out decoy copies---ever careful to leave out THE part(s) of the video that WILL do as Breitbart promised. The "revealed" copy is exactly that---a "decoy"; Breitbart must be smiling with glee, right about now.

    So am I---the "revealed" decoy video simply means Obama's "clean team" hasn't found THE video Breitbart evidently had sense to keep well hidden; Obama might was well be using psychics to find ALL copies of THE video.....time is of the essence, not to be wasted.

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    Bell was an outspoken black racist.

    That he was a Harvard professor doesn't change the fact.

    The Unabomb had a higher I.Q than both he and Hussein.

    And we shouldn't overlook Hussein saying of him:

    "Open your hearts and minds" to his teachings.

    But why should we expect anything different from Hussein?

    “I CHOSE MY FRIENDS CAREFULLY. The more politically active

    black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos.

    The Marxist professors.........”

    You might also want to consider the following:

    “The Bound Man: Why We are Excited About Obama and Why He Can’t Win.”

    (Steele is biracial and “win” does not refer to the election)

    “Obama’s dilemma, as Steele sees it, is that in his quest to be seen an

    “authentic” black man, Obama feels compelled to exaggerate the state

    of black victimization. Rather than fixing problems, many of which

    are spawned within the black community, the newly authentic Obama

    fixes blame.”

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    @ Dr Phil: the recent case where a white dude jumped out of a car and shot dead a black teenager (who'd gone to the store to buy candy) and NOT EVEN CHARGED BY THE POLICE backs up what Derek Bell said about racism many years ago.

    Except the black teen was shot only recently in Florida, in Feb 2012. Imagine if a black guy jumped out of a car and shot some white kid. The black guy would be drawn through the wringer,

    What Derek Bell said was right, and is happening today. His writings dealt with how the legal system has endemic bias against blacks.

    Source(s): What Derek Bell actually wrote: http://www.mdcbowen.org/p2/rm/define/bellsRules.ht... Just one recent case which highlights that Bell was right: http://news.yahoo.com/family-florida-boy-killed-ne...
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    with any success we are able to ascertain the seen information (a minimum of a small area of the iceberg as they say) of the leftist, Marxist, anti-American and anti-structure beliefs that Obama has shown to the yank human beings by potential of his radical regulations, czar appointments and so on. i wish there is also some video documentation of his adoration of Saul Alinskey, Karl Marx, Fidel Castro and so on. and black liberation theology. it should be useful if he (and Hillary) ought to both willingly launch their college transcripts for all to ascertain. yet sadly i do no longer imagine which will ever happen. Now, shall we talk about Van Jones, Bernadine Dorn, the "reverend" Jeremiah Wright, bill Ayers and the elements underground ...... ah yet I digress......heritage will sometime shed gentle on the Obama that the mainstream media and the left wing device ought to under no circumstances enable us see. Intentional lack of understanding of the actuality = liberal insanity.

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    No; Andrew was serious.

    Present day conservatives brand anything they disagree with as "radical". Hence, anybody that has spent time, listened to, or defended the right of these so called "radicals" to speak is guilty of the same.

    It makes no sense; but then neither does their platform.

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    Yea yet another video of Obama having close ties to yet another radical racist is nothing new.

    I suppose you missed the parts of Bells radical and often "disturbed" writings on race but then again you guys seem to ignore Wright and Alinsky and every other radical socialist Obama hangs with.

    Jason...The amount of black on white crime is fact and has been for many years also the MSM willing ignorance of this fact is also proven.....If the white guy shooting the black kid is race motivated then so is EVERY single carjacking and robbery and crime commited by blacks when a white is involved.....Go google about the six blacks that kidnapped a white couple tourtured raped burnt and then cut the throats of both...never seem that one have you wonder why.

    Shove your "white guilt' upyourass.

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    Bell is a racist, and loud, and proud, and hate filled

    Wright is a racist, and very loud, and proud, and filled with vile contempt for white people

    Obama is a racist, and is extremely loud and proud about it and filled with more hatred and contempt for America and white people, and it runs through his entire life, especially when he was a nobody in 1991.

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