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Would this alternator power my system?

Car : 2000 Chrysler 300m

Alternator (on ebay) : says 200 amp ;

System: One 15" Power Acoustik MOFO with 4000/1 Power Acoustik BAMF amp ; and two 12" Memphis Mojo's on a Memphis 16-MCD1000 amp. If all the RMS ratings are correct supposably it would be putting out about 3500 RMS. I think I'll get no more than about 3000 though.

Would this alternator power this setup??

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    You can use a simple equation to work this out.

    If P(watts) = V(volts) x I(current)

    Then, I = P / V

    So, I = 3000/12v = 250Amps.

    To answer your question, not really...

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  • 8 years ago

    it certainly should! although the answer would be no to power your audio 100% max power continuously just using the alternator as a power supply. with a good battery, thick copper wires and a good capacitor you should have no problems.

    i had 2500 RMSw system running on a little honda civic stock alternator without any issues. might not be the greatest thing for the engine, however it did make it to well over 150,000 miles before it was stolen.

    i'd really love to hear some dubstep from your system - lol but only from a safe distance :P

    good luck - cheers

    what reuben says is correct in theory using maximum power which nobody does unless you dont want a car and are trying to make a resonant weapon. any music i can think of would not use the actual power of that equation - actually nowhere near it.

    Source(s): oh and - cars dont use 12 volts either - its 13.8 so your answer would be 217a (ish) - then they usually have way more voltage than that they are regulated to. youre not considering this guys car has a battery? possibly a good ultra cap? you left that part out - cause they hold a LOT of amps ready to use at any moment. its not a simple equation - and your wrong - sorry
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  • 3 years ago

    ok so jl audio did a learn a rapid time returned and proved that capacitors do no longer something interior the way of helping with dimming lights from effective stereo setups. the two up your alternator or only circulate get a stable gel p.c.. battery optima and so on. they are going to enable you to no longer have your automobile all started and nevertheless won't dim your lights while the bass hits and for countless HOURS additionally. A stereo run off of a 2 farad cap will drain the cap suitable away. And with a 750 cca battery you have the extra desirable bonus of by no potential having to tension approximately your automobile on chilly starts off( reckoning on region)

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