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my aunt is going through menopause depression? urgent!!!?

she going though menopause depression and she get frequent nervous attacks , runs aways, beats herself up, the cops brought her a few time back home. I scared because my husband and I try to control ( calm music, say that we love her alot, and show alot of affection) her. but it gets worse. I don't what to do with her I scared that she will do something out of control. any advice?

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    She needs to see her gynecologist so she can get on some hormone replacement therapy to ease her symptoms. May want to get her on an anti-anxiety/anti-depressant too.

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    It`s clear that you care an awful lot about your aunt and I`m sure she does appreciate it.

    Menopause does affect women in different ways and what your aunt is going through

    is just one of them - although it does seem as though her anxiety is extreme.

    Keep showing her that you care, but please seek medical advice for her. There are

    treatments that will help her.

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