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Veterinary Technician Vs. Veterinary Assistant ?

I want to have a career in a veterinary setting and I'm at a toss up between which direction I want to take. What are the pros and cons between the two?

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    Veterinary assisting is an entry-level position with no requirements in any state and are typically legally more limited in the tasks they can perform than veterinary technicians. This is how most people start out working in a clinic or on their way to becoming a veterinary technician or veterinarian. It's a great way to get in a clinic and start learning, not only about animals but also about the positions in a veterinary health care team so that you can figure out where you want to go from the assistant position. Because the majority of states now require that you be licensed/registered/certified to be a veterinary technician (and this is a growing trend), veterinary assistants do have limited potential for moving up in the clinic without earning a degree in something--veterinary technology, business management or veterinary medicine, etc.

    Veterinary technicians have much more option for moving up and for finding positions related to veterinary medicine but with companies, research facilities, seats of higher learning, government jobs related to animal health and food safety etc rather than just in veterinary hospitals. Veterinary technicians can specialize in more than 10 areas after they are credentialed and that specialization makes them more sought after by specialty practices where their education and special skills are put to use daily. Veterinary technicians also typically make a good bit more than veterinary assistants. So, earning your degree in veterinary technology puts you in a better position for work in a veterinary facility but also gives you a much broader range of positions that will be open to you.

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    You usually can get a position as a kennel tech or vet tech assistant with little to no prior experience with a facility that is willing to train their employees. As a matter of fact, starting as a kennel tech is a great way of learning the basic animal behavior and husbandry in a clinic with the guidance of a professional staff and vet. You can work your way from kennel tech on up to being an assistant to the tech and get hands on experience that way. Lots of good staff members start out that way. Some states require a license to be an actual veterinary technician but many do not and many veterinarians are happy to train the right person that exhibits the potential to learn.Of course attending and accredited Vet Tech program will give you the best edge. The break down of the positions is like this; Kennel Tech will care for boarding and hospitalized pets in clinic with directions from qualified Veterinary Techs and the Vet. Veterinary Assistants will get more hands on experience and be able to help restrain and assist the Vet and Vet Tech with certain medical procedures as they are deemed ready to step up to assist. Veterinary Techs are the Vet's main nursing staff and assist with all procedures including assisting in exam rooms, surgery, running lab work and education of clients. Lowest pay scale is Kennel Tech, next step in pay grade is Veterinary Tech Assistant and the higher pay grade is the Veterinary Technician.

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