is k2 illegal inthe state of texas?

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  • 8 years ago
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    On September 1, 2011 K2, also known as Spice, Genie, and Fire & Ice, that was sold as incense, but may be a product that has been sprayed with a chemical compound that mimics the effects of THC, the main ingredient in marijuana is now illegal. K2 was previously legal and it was being sold at gas stations and smoke shops across the state of Texas to anyone regardless of their age. Users stated that the effects were similar to marijuana.

    One of the main reasons that K2 was deemed to be illegal can be traced to the Texas Poison Center Network, were they state that they received 555 K2-related calls in 2010. This new law addresses the legal sale, manufacture, and possession of synthetic cannabinoids in Texas. Currently, there are three illegal synthetic cannabinoids in Penalty Group 2, but many other compounds are unregulated under Texas law. S.B. 331 makes it illegal to manufacture, sell, and possess any of the unregulated compounds.

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    Is K2 Illegal In Texas

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