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Why does my camera always corrupt memory cards?

I purchased a Sony Cybershot DSC-W370 about 2 years ago. I went on a trip to Spain shortly after I got it and took about 1.3k pictures. About half way through the trip my SD card became unreadable and could no longer take pictures. When I returned home I took out my SD card and none of our computers could even see the card. I took the camera and the card back to where I bought it and they examined the card and the camera. They told me the camera is fine and told me SD cards get corrupted all the time blah blah blah. I purchased a new card and went on a trip to Chicago and now I have the same problem with this second card. What is going on? Sony had me jumping through hoops to try all of these different things and now my warranty is gone so I'm stuck with this camera =( any thoughts on what may be the issue would be great.


Hmmm... No I do not format the cards before using them for the first time. My family that went on the trip with me had the same brand (Kingston 8gb) card but they had different camera models and mine was the only one with a problem. They didn't format prior to use either.

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    You've just given us the answer.

    Standard procedure is to format every memory card, IN THE CAMERA that you're using it in, before any shoot. If you just erase and shoot and erase and shoot, you're slowly ruining the card. Formatting wipes the card clean and moves all the electronic pointers back to the right place to begin accepting new images.

    It's like using the same plates silverware and just wiping it off between meals. You (and your digestive system) would be better served it the dishes got washed completely between meals.

    If you don't format the cards, then you have a ticking time bomb on your hands. You never know when it will happen, but the card will definitely fail.

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    It's not the camera, but most likely user mismanagement that's the problem. I have been using digital cameras for quite a few years now and have never, ever had one problem with any of the memory cards that I use...

    1. I always use a good, reliable brand

    2. I always format a brand new memory card before using the very first time

    3. I always format the memory card again after every successful upload to my computer

    So, if you have never, ever formatted the memory card, and only ever deleted images, then that's probably why your card has become corrupt. You may need to consider buying card recovery software (or use a free one) to try and recover your images from the card. You will also need a card reader.

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    Format your card, as Sony tells you to do in your user manual. An unformatted card will work fine at first, but inevitably corrupts (as you've discovered, twice) as the proper folder/file structure had not been setup by the format.

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    Try updating/reinstalling the firmware on the camera. Firmware issues tend to be the cause of corrupt memory cards.

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    Do you format the cards before using them? If not, that might be the problem...

  • Anonymous
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    George is right......after you have used a memory card, never erase the card, FORMAT IT!!!!!!!!!

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