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I'm currently in a competition where four of my friends and myself battle our Pokemon. We are using the red, blue, and yellow version. I'm using the yellow version though. My question is what would be my 6 Pokemon to battle with, to defeat them? ... i want to win so bad. Some of the rules is we can't use legendary Pokemon and were not allowed to know each others Pokemon or type. Any help would be appreciated

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  • 8 years ago
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    (WARNING: If do not have these kind of pokemon, than read another answer or GET THOSE KIND Of POKEMON!) So, hi.O.K., so you need to get your strongest pokemon first (anything over 60). If you don't have a pokemon over 60 then stop reading and look at another answer or get pokemon over level 60. Then keep pokemon from these types...







    Any other type that you're good at using (Optional).

    Than take away one of these types (or if you didn't add another type then skip this). Use one pokemon of each of these types. (Suggested pokemon for each type: Water, Blastoise Grass, Venasaur Fire, Charizard Rock, Golem Psycic, Alakazam Electric, Jolton/Raichu)

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  • 8 years ago

    We can't help you here. All teams have their strengths and weaknesses, so there is no best team, and you won't have a 100% win rate. HOWEVER, you're using Red/Blue/Yellow. In those games, you can EV Train your Pokemon as much as you like, no limit to the EVs (that's what I heard). So get a lot of the vitamins that boost the stats (Protein, Carbos, HP Up, etc) and either buy a lot or clone them using the Missingno glitch. Use them on your Pokemon until they get REALLY high stats, and you should pretty much dominate them.

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    8 years ago

    there is no best team in this game, however there are certain broken pokemon that you can utilize

    when in doubt... get a psychic type, the only two super effective types against it are bug and ghost, and moves in this generation that utilize these two types are either extremely shitty, or equally rare and still shitty

    basically my strategy in red/blue is just to get lots of sweepers and ev train their damage and speed

    unfortunately you will not be able to use the cinnabar island cheat in yellow version (i had yellow and blue so i traded to use it) but know that if you ev train before using rare candies, your pokemon will be very strong still

    exeggutor is a monster in this game, very fluffy with high damage and good move-pool

    jolteon is like the fastest sweeper in the game and does way more damage than your starter pika

    starmie is extremely good in this game, psychic type (again) and the deadly bolt-beam combo (ice beam + thunderbolt)

    hitmonlee high jump kick overpowered

    dragonite because badass pokemon is badass

    jynx, aka THE badass hooker

    Source(s): btw there is a cap on ev in blue/red still 510 total, 255 per stat
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