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Which Bass Guitar is better?? Dean Edge, Epiphone EB-0, or Mike Dirnt Squier Precision Bass?

I can't decide on which to buy I mostly want the Mike Dirnt Squier Precision Bass Guitar more because im a BIG Green Day fan but I just wanted to know some of your opinions.

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    Dont listen to mike ok? Squiers and Epiphones are of equal quality to Fender and Gibson. just a different name on the head stock.

    First of all dont get the EB-0 it honestly is a lower quality bass. it seems in my eyes no Gibson/ Epiphone Bass can out do a Squier/ Fender. Now the dean. The dean doesnt have the versatility that the Squier P-Bass does.

    Squire Mike Dirnt P Bass would be your best choice. Mike Dirnt himself uses one live

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    Mike Dirnt Squier Bass

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    Try them all. See what feels and sounds better for YOU. my choice would be the Dirnt Pbass, But squier has other series that can outdo the dirnt such as the vintage modified series, or classic vibe.

    The Eb-0, beware of the bridge(it can pop out if not properly setup), and muddy sounding pickup.

    The dean edge, tried even other deans and they all felt cheap to me. Lightweight, no gut to it.

    Ultimately, it's your decision.

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    Im a guitar player not a bass player, but I know that epiphone and squier are basically lower end guitars. I do know that Deans are awesome! DEAN WINS ANY DAY!!! Dimebag was a dean player, need I say more?

    Source(s): Pantera and years experience as a guitar player.
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    I have been given a Fender Jazz Baz with a equipped in pictures equalizer. I say you circulate proper to the right and get a effective Fender or get a Gibson bass because of the fact why not learn on some thing effective? You decide for 2d fee boyfriends? Do you devour hamburger once you could elect steak ? Are you going to apply margarine once you will be making use of butter? in case you do not prefer to spend alot of money I advise you be on the lok out for a sturdy used Gibson, Gretch, Fender.

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    Although the quality of Squire has improved, it is still a low end instrument. Just remember- you get what you pay for.

    Source(s): bassist for 26 years
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