Major Science events in 1995?

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    8 years ago
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    The genome of Haemophilus influenzae is the first genome of a free living organism to be sequenced.


    March 25 - Ward Cunningham loads the first wiki software, WikiWikiWeb, in Oregon

    May 23 - The Java programming language is announced to the world.


    ary 30 - Workers from the National Institutes of Health announce the success of clinical trials testing the first preventative treatment for sickle cell anaemia.


    The RELN gene and Reelin protein are discovered by Gabriella D'Arcangelo and colleagues, solving the mystery behind the formation of "inverted cortical layers" in the brain of reeler mutant mice, and sparking an avalanche of research into the Reelin's role in neurodevelopment.

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    Just Google 'major science events 1995.'

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