How to get my baby to change up breastfeeding positions?

My baby is almost 1month. I had a emergency csec and hysterectomy ( was trying a vbac and my uterus ruptured) so ive been doing the football hold to keep her off my belly but now that im feeling better i want to try the cradle but she will not latch when i try it. She is getting heavy with the football hold its hard to feed in public that way so i really need to try and get her to like the cradle hold. Any suggestions

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  • Toby
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    8 years ago
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    Two things come to mind:

    1. Try nursing her when she's not "asking" to be nursed. In other words, try the new hold when she's not actually hungry. She's less likely to get frustrated and more likely to feel like trying something new if she's not starving and wanting the quickest, most familiar thing.

    2. You could try squirting some of your milk into her mouth in this position. This might send the signal to her that this new position is just as effective as the one that she's used to.

    Finally, don't feel confined to these specifically named "holds." Try different things, even things you haven't seen in a book or real life. Basically, just do whatever works for you, even if it seems "strange." Chances are, lots of other moms have invented the very same "hold." Also, I'm not sure if you use a boppy, but these breastfeeding pillows are sometimes helpful for mother and baby. So it may be worth investing in one of those. (My daughter and I have always used one because it works for us.) Best of luck, and kudos for continuing to breastfeed even after an obviously difficult birth! :)

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  • 8 years ago

    Just keep trying the cradle hold. Start with the way youve been doing it and after a few minutes switch. She's more likely to have a little patience?? (idk if thats the right word) if shes not starving.

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