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how come girls prefer jerks rather than nerds?

I hate it when a nerd is taken for granted.I'm a nerd myself(freshman in highschool with a gpa of 3.9).u know what I found out that most of these jerks on there free time play video games or hang out at the mall.I do something fun like my hobbies dirt bike racing and paintball ha and they say I'm boring.I know how to treat women with respect and they say nerds don't know one thing about women.and look at my picture do you think I'm ugly!?


Does my Leonardo dicaprio hairstyle fit with my facial structure

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    Look. It's just the way things are, and BTW aren't you a little young to be lookin' for girls. You have your whole life ahead of you. Right now, just keep doing fun things like paintball and stuff. Be a kid. You'll find the right girl. It might be bad now, but when you're older and successful, those jerks will look up to you.

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    I don't know about other girls, but I'd rather go out with a "nerd" than a jerk.. haha.

    Just don't assume every girl wants a jerk. Most of the time they just go out with them because they're hot and just end up getting played with. You don't look ugly. Be confident. You'll find a girl. You look young. You have so much time to find some girl that's interested in you.

    Try to make friends that are girls, and go from there. Be funny. Be there for them. Be lightly flirtatious. Girls don't just "fall" for you. You need to meet a girl and go from there. haha. Think about it. Would you go out with a girl just because she's pretty? She could be a total gold digging *****.

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    I think its because they don't see the big picture all the time and want what they can have at the moment. Just like a lot of guys actually. Especially when young like you. Seeing the big picture is what comes with age. To be honest, at your age thee are a ton of other things to do. And while all that is going on usually the right girl will find you. Stop dwelling on it, get on with the fun part of your life and don't worry about it. It will happen. Your haircut has nothing to do with what a person can see inside. If they don't see what you know is there then its their loss.

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    I didn't even bother to look at that picture of yours.. But here is what i can say "the way you see yourself is the way you are if you think you are ugly then you are because you will act like an ugly person" thank you

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    hey man its the same question im asking.. i really dont know what it is with girls.. but as you said i also grow up to be a nerd.. i do the best in school and now i try to do the best at providing for my family (work hard so that i can keep my future wife to be happy)

    for some reason i do get attracted to girls that are the model type.. sometimes i do feel sorry for them that they have to show off their skin to provide them in life.. but they usually go out and fell for the guys that are "bad boys" and don't work.. and they end up having a sad life where their marriage have alot of problems because of their financial..

    i for myself being asian.. i've always been brought up of having to treat my wife like a QUEEN.. but at the end of the day i've always been stamped as a "geek", "****", "boring"

    sometimes i wonder where i've gone wrong.. in terms of ugly.. seriously how do you define ugly? sometimes i see the dirtiest, ugliest, weirdest looking guy with a amazing looking girl.. i wonder what that is?? e.g. alot of girls find chris brown sexy? seriously? what does he have that probably someone like jackie chan doesn't have??

    other than one being black and another being asian?? other than race really.. jackie is cool because he jumps off building, he is good at fighting, he is also rich, he loves his wife.. and he has a good body??.. but why has he never been called a fantasy by girls?

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    8 years ago

    Leo looks gay therefore you do too.

    Tell the girls you look good in leather then take them to your local gimp show for a suprise.

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    well i am a girl and i know that girls date boys because of their look if you are hot, girls might date you, but if you are ugly, MAYBE girls wont like you just find girls that you think are you type and they must date you NOT because of your look but because they really like you for being you AND BY THE WAY aren't you a little too young for dating?!?!?!?!?!?! and yeah i think you are cute!!!! & maybe you are a bit hot :)

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    These guys don't become jerks until the girl you like dates one of them.

  • 8 years ago

    girls grow out of it. Dont stress it yet.

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