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Front tooth root canal, I already have a veneer?

How do they do a from tooth root canal when I already have a veneer over it? It is tooth #9, my front left tooth. Is a front tooth root canal easier or harder than a molar?

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    The dentist will drill a hole in the back of the tooth and pull the root out through that hole. In your case, they'll probably drill through the veneer and patch the hole with a resin compound.

    A front tooth root canal may be easier for the dentist. But, I had a root canal on the same #9 tooth when I was 12 years old and a root canal on a molar nearly 20 year later. The root canal I had when I was 12 was extremely painful for me in spite of 3 shots of novocaine. I was so traumatized, I still can't sit in a dental chair without 10mg of valium.

    Unless the tooth is causing you pain or is infected, I strongly advise you to NOT have the root canal.

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    In all likelihood, if the veneer is in the way, they will destroy the veneer to get at the tooth. Provided they have a way of accessing it without touching the veneer, they may be able to leave it in place.

    But it's more important to get a root canal done if it's being called for - the pain will only get worse from here, and it can lead to abscesses and infections that can spread into your jaw, or worse, your bloodstream, and can KILL you.

    Don't let someone's bad experience from 20+ years ago effect you. This is your life.

    Ask your dentist to test the freezing before he works - it's easy enough to give you an extra shot if you need it.

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    hi.......veneer is just a covering over the teeth.mostly front teeth rooth canal is so easier than molar.we can do root canal though veneer is over the teeth because they ill open the canal just back of ur teeth tat is palatal side.but after root canal finished they ill remove veneer and put a ceramic cap over the teeth.

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