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Which of these outfits would be the best for this situation?

My college game design club is competing in a game development competition and another university. The dress attire is "business casual". Which of these outfits do you think would best fit the occasion and look the best overall?

Here's one from belk-

One from Nordstrom-

One from Men's Warehouse- This one is way too expensive, but I think I could put together a similar outfit.

Finally, one from JoS.A. Bank-


By the way, I am one of the three presenters for our club so I need to look really nice to represent our school. I'm not just being vain.

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    The ones from Belk and Nordstrom look wonderful. My first pick would be the one from Nordstrom but it looks too casual. The one from Belk would be my second pick and it looks more the "business casual" look. So either one. If you think the Nordstrom one doesn't look too casual and it fits the dress attire then I would recommend that one.

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    I agree that the first two look really nice. I personally like the striped suit best, though I'm on the fence about the stripe repetition on both the shirt and tie. The second one has a more subtle style, you could choose what color/pattern the inner shirt is, and the fabric lays more softly. Both are winners, take your pick!

    (I'm personally not as big a fan of navy as I am black in regards to suits, so I have a bias against the third.)

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