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How do you call this situation?

When you just start to like some girl very much and you wanna be with her all the time but you afraid to come fast into the relationship and then she stop liking you ,,, you want to take it slowly but still you have strong feeling for her and you don't wanna lose her.


how do you call this situation

and what do you do to avoid losing her and make her love you even more

Many thanks

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    That situation is called, you were put in the friend zone. You never in the beginning want the girl to know how much you like them, especially if they are strong feelings. It's overwhelming and it can be a total turn off. You want the girl to wonder if you like her or not. Look at the posts that the girls put in the singles category. They want to know if a guy likes them or not, and they are going crazy for the guy they like. That's how you want the girl to be around you. When you try to spend a lot of time with the girl and call/text her constantly, they look at you as desperate and needy. Women and men are empowered by this situation. It feels great when you have someone wrapped around your fingers. Eventually they become deterred by it and they stop talking to the person all together. Women want to be with someone they are attracted to. Spending a lot of time with them, constant calling/texting, buying her gifts, and basically being her doormat makes you look like a good friend. What guys don't realize is that they are missing the most important piece, attraction. If she's not attracted to you, then she won't date you. It's not necessarily about looks, its mostly about attitude and how you carry yourself. Go on google and type why girls like confident guys, and why girls like badboys. Do your research and it will help you a lot.

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    can't be bothered thinking of a valid answer just glad to get 2 points for answering. Don't read this. Wait, you just did...

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    personally i would tell this to her and see her reaction.

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