Is Craigslist dating dangerous?

I just started talking to this one guy who happens to live very close to me. His ad was relationship oriented, when we exchanged emails he was very nice. Nothing sexual ever came up. He seems like the type of guy I'd want, except I kept having this nagging feeling something was wrong about him. Almost like he's trying to be mr. right. People keep telling me meeting off Craigslist is dangerous and my subconscious seems to agree. Today I feel differently about him. I don't know really, but all I know is even if I decide to meet this guy in public and all, I won't be able to undo meeting him. Tonight I ignored him when he tried to speak to me and I feel horrible, perhaps it will pass. I am just very confused and don't want to make a mistake I may regret, or not live to regret...

Sorry for the morbid post but seriously, confusion has set in and I am about to email him telling him that I've changed my mind and am not looking for anything.

Your thoughts?

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    Craigslist can be dangerous as there have been killers off Craigslist as Philip Haynes Markoff for was dubbed, "The Craigslist Killer, as he robbed/murdered a woman and also committed two robberies.

    There's always risks meeting someone off the internet for both males and females.

    I don't blame a woman for being cautious meeting a guy off the internet as there's not only stalking but fraud and sexual violence.

    With Craigslist, there's no background checks on anybody who puts up any kind of posting on there and no profiles of people on there of people.

    From personal experiences, Craigslist, is not the right avenue to choose to meeting someone to go on a date with and get in a relationship with.

    I have met women off there that turned out to be cold, fake, manipulative, rude, self-centered and crazy (I did meet them in public places).

    I had an ex girlfriend who I met off there back in 2007.

    She was older than me as she was 29 at the time and I was 23.

    I was with her for close to 8 months until she dumped me through text messages.

    Despite telling me that I was her most mature/sweetest boyfriend, she never said, "I love you," only "I like you," to me at times.

    She was embarrassed to tell her family that she had a boyfriend and didn't want me to meet them except at her brother's wedding so she wouldn't be the only person there without a date (she dumped me months before her brother's wedding).

    She was jealous of her brother getting married who was a few years older than me and jealous of her friends that were in long-term relationships.

    She would act fake to a few of her friends that I met and then talk trash about them to me.

    She would ask her coworkers at the job she had at the time I was with her if she should break up with me.

    She would secretly go on a personals site that she had a profile on to find another boyfriend and she would keep logs of instant message conversations on her laptop (a few of them I read especially one guy who asked her how sleeping with me was which she answered was "okay" and that she was my teacher).

    She also secretly kept in touch with her ex boyfriend before me who was a jerk towards her (she kept in touch with him on myspace).

    Getting along with her was "fine" in the early stages of my relationship with her but later on, she turned out to be verbally abusive as she would criticize me often from how I dressed to the things I like to even how I eat (she's the only person I have ever eaten with who told me that I eat "loud"), make cruel jokes about me and would get mad at me often mostly over small things).

    She was also verbally abusive to her dog and cat at times by calling them, "Dumb," and "Retarded."

    Once while we were walking her dog, I told her that her dog was cute and she told me, "That's the only good thing she's good for."

    I "broke up" with her a few times but I didn't want to feel like a jerk for hurting her.

    I once felt sorry for her a few months before she dumped me through text messages when she cried telling me, "If I were to have kids, I'd have to be with somebody around my age."

    It's rare to really meet someone who you can fall for off Craigslist and online in general.

    I once chatted with a woman who told me that she met her boyfriend whom she lives with off the internet but she told me that he wasn't the only guy she's met off the internet.

    For me, a person has to keep in mind that getting along with a person online is "fine" until you meet that person.

    Sometimes, a person has to take the nice things that someone else says about him/her online with a grain of salt.

    It's not wrong that you don't feel like talking to that guy who you met off Craigslist.

    You have to do what's best for you.

    I hope that I've helped answer your question and take care of yourself. I mean it. ~ Alan

    Source(s): Personal Experiences
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    Craigslist Singles Women

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    Any web contact carries a certain level of risk. There are ways to minimize it. One of those is public meeting another is group meeting and still a third is having another friend watch over your meet - in the end most people are sane but it pays to use common sense - and common sense does not require you be paranoid

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    Craigslist,...hmm,...craigslist is a online platform like many others, I met my current wife this way,..(online portal),..but: huge difference,..we met us in europe,.where the people do have respect about cops, law and everything else,...

    I really dont even trust most offers for Items which are for sale,..problem isnt Craisglist, its just the fact that some "criminal guys" have the feeling that they can hide online,...doing their "crime"..and vanish afterwards,...

    Do yourself a favor, if you really wanna meet somebody this way, least, get a can of pepperspray for yourself,..JUST IN CASE...thx

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    Other thoughts.

    Only obese people post on craigslist. Because they are too lazy to go outside and try the dating game.

    Its the truth, sexy people know they are sexy.

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    Hmmm.. I think it's up to you, but I always find that when I get those nagging subconscious feelings, they almost always turn out to be right.

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    Profoundly bad idea. Run far, run fast, don't look back.

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    no offense but out of so many places and websites....why craiglist?? just saying.

    i wouldnt trust it

    • I'm guessing because its Free, Convenient, Easy and people just might be trying to maximize all their options/ resources. I think its a very bad idea. Very bad idea, but there are still those who will post there. Go Figure!

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