Any Idea what this is? When I try to go to sleep I wake up gasping for air and feel like my heart stops?

First thing I need to inform you with is I have sleep paralysis. Second is I have been having these weird episodes where when I am just about to falls asleep I feel like my heart stops and I wake up gasping for air. The feeling of my heart stopping is new but the gasping for air I have had for about a year. My doctor said I had an acid problem then gave me some Previcid which I took for a couple weeks and it went away for a while but latley it has come back worse. Another thing is sometime I have a shortness of breath and my heart feels fluttery usually after I wake up from the episode and sometime in mid day. I am 15 and this is really scary!! Please if you have any Idea what this might be please share!!


By the way I have had sleep studies and MRI's ect.

Update 2:

Another thing is I haven't really eaten anything in days. I just don't get hungry.

Update 3:

The other day while I was napping I became consious and felt like my heart was beating really fast and I was kinda paralysed. I could move my hands and feet but it might have just been SP.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Take the Previcid and see your doctor. Furthermore, all of the other answers are dangerous; none of these folks are doctors, nurse practitioners, or qualified to give you an answer.

    You might have psychological issues along with your acid problem. Go see a physician and get the correct answer.

    Source(s): I was an Army Medic.
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  • 8 years ago

    This does not sound like sleep apnea.

    This sounds like a neurological situation. If you have sleep paralysis often, you may need to consider seeing a specialist. If you are having sleep paralysis more than once a week, that is definitely out of the ordinary.

    When you fall asleep, your brain releases chemicals in sequence that have many different functions. A disorder can cause these chemicals to be released out of order, released too much, released too little, or not released at all. If any of these happen, it can cause your amygdala to send unnecessary signals to your adrenal glands. Adrenaline can do this to your heart. That would explain the weird feeling around your heart and gasping for air.

    This is not sleep apnea. Sleep apnea wont do things to your heart.

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  • 8 years ago

    If you have an acid problem you must try cabbage juice. I strongly advise you to research it and give it a try. I also had an acid problem and it was the only thing that worked.

    It probably sounds really weird to you but just research it.

    If you have an acid reflux problem that would mean you need to completely change your diet around. No fast foods, no fried foods, no greasy foods, no fatty foods, or chocolate, soda, etc, etc. Acid problems are usually caused by bad eating habits and stress.

    Do you feel like your under a lot of stress? It could be anxiety related.

    Also research sleep apnea. It could be that to. Talk to your doctor.

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  • john
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    8 years ago

    One sleep disorder is RBD. Rem Behavior Disorder. It is described as your brain is awake, but your body has not become controlled by your conscious mind. Where your brain meets your spinal cord; a gland called the Penial is located. One functions is to cause your body to become paralyzed while in your REM stage of sleep. When it is out of sync, you will have a sensation of awareness of your surrounding but not able to interact with it, Thus a feeling of paralysis. Also, In REM stage of sleep; your respiratory system is "confused" whether to be controlled consciously or unconsciously. This could explain your gasping for air.

    Have you been tested for Narcolepsy?

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Dude kinda like the same thing just happend to me I was scared after it too. This is the first time it happend to me and it freaked me out. I don't know what it is. I want answers too. :(

    Just a couple of minutes ago, I was Laying down in my bed almost asleep when I had a faint vision that I saw ?

    A Girl getting out of a chair in my basement (like a ghost). In my vision I said hey. Then all a sudden i felt my entire body lock up and freeze. I know I was conscious because in my mind I was trying to make myself move. It was liked I was strapped down very hard. I couldn't even open my eyes (freaked me out) I was like this for at least 10 seconds while staring at that girl in my vision and she was staring right back at me, then everything started going black. I snapped out of it after that. I got up breathing fairly hard and scared. Does anyone know what just happened to me? I know it wasn't a dream because i only had my eyes closed for 3 minutes when I looked at my clock after it happend. It was too real to be a dream and I was awake.

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  • Elana
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    8 years ago

    Sounds like the rarer sort of sleep apnea that is not caused by airway obstruction.

    I have it. The brain simply fails to tell the lungs to breathe until CO2 build-up gets sufficiently high that you gasp. My comment to my doctor was "You mean I'm too stupid to breathe."

    She laughed. But she didn't deny it.

    Get thee a sleep study!

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  • Scott
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    8 years ago

    I am no Doctor and any "advise" I give is not to be taken as a "remedy"... consult your Doctor... but from former "experience" (from my former wife) <-- she had constant panic attacks... but when sleeping or going to sleep she had trouble sleeping because when she slept I noticed that she had trouble breathing... and when she consulted her doctor he said she had sleep apnea... next time you go to your Doctor... ask him about that

    Source(s): observation
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  • Anxiety attack? I've heard something similar to your story

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