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Lebron James vs Cristiano Ronaldo?

So I'm having a debate about who is more athletic between Lebron James and Cristiano Ronaldo. What I consider to be athletic is an all-around person who adapts well to other sports and excels at them. Strength, jumping, stamina, sprinting, agility, etc. are all important traits of what makes someone an athlete. Cristiano Ronaldo is the best soccer player today, and is more world-wide known. Lebron James is arguably the best basketball player today, and is mainly known in America.

So who do you think is more athletic between them? Please try not to be biased!

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    ronaldo hands down, though you cannot compair a soccer player to a basketball player. in soccer most players are running non stop for two 40 minute incrimints, in this time they are doing many things, in basketball most players are substituted on and off within 12 mintues of being places on. secondly ronaldo is not the best player today, that title belongs to lionel messi of barcelona, though ronaldo is a close second. ronaldo is definantly the "pretty boy" of the sport giving him more publicity. incase i am straying abit from the answer. i believe that ronaldo could adapt best to other sports, as he has the strenght, stamina (running), and agility to perticipate in other sports. while lebron is more of a basketball only guy.

    • Ronaldo can get his head to about 8 foot, while LeBron James can get his hands over 12 foot high. His range is so much bigger.

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    to Alien man I agree messi is great player but in 2013 Ronaldo is out shining him with 69 goals in 60 games. Ronaldo is more athletic because of his strength, stamina, agility, speed, and ability to jump 7 foot (he is 6 foot 1).

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