Any Legitimate Websites to Meet Russian Women ffor Free?

I'm looking for a website where I can email, chat, exchange contact info for free

with russian women looking for american men. Only a legitimate one. I'm 21 and I have been to Europe and want to meet a Russian, Ukrainian, Moldovan, of any former soviet union block that speaks Russian. Any help would be great

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    Real normal Russian women do NOT advertise themselves on Internet. Forget about "Russian brides" forever. We have plenty men in Russia (until 40 y.o. quantity of men EXCEEDS quantity of women in Russia).

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    Meet Russian Women

  • 9 years ago

    Why do you necessarily want to meet, or date Russian speaking women? Just asking. If you are not a troll or a creep and legitimately want to meet Russian speaking women than you should move to a place in your country which has a larger Russian speaking population.

    Here is a list of people who were born in Russia and immigrated to USA by state

    If you are at a place with a big population of Russian speaking people than you will have a greater chance of encountering Russian speaking women and a greater chance of meeting them.

    I also found this website which can be useful for you, with a users chat:

    If you are in the US and you are trying to hook up with a person in Russia its going to be too complicated.

    P.S. All the "buy your wife websites" are a scam and disrespectful to women. The legitimate ones are just dating websites. The success rate of marrying a person from another continent without knowing them well is very low which makes the whole process pointless. You can't marry someone you don't know and expect everything to be gravy.

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    Good luck

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    I worked for a year in Russia and think they are very nice people . Both the men and women . If I could find a decent site to meet , even to chat or be friends I would ber happy . However I think for marriage to be viable for a Westener and a Russian We would have to learn to be more like the Russians . They are very proud of their citizenship and have reason to be

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    Meet Russian Girls

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    9 years ago

    I know how you can meet Russian women (an any kind of women really) for free. It's called growing a pair of balls, walking the f*ck outside and interacting with people in your environment. Are you really f*cking telling me that your self-esteem is in such a sh*tter that the only way you can find romantic satisfaction is by fishing for foreign brides (who are only after American visas) on some sketchy websites? Jesus Christ man, that's pathetic. Don't you think it's kinda strange that all of these "mail order bride" websites are targeted mainly at Americans? If America was a sh*thole 3rd world country these sites would be nowhere to be seen. I don't recall the last time I've seen "Russian women looking for Cuban men" websites....

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