what do computer science major learn besides programming?

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    Computer Science degrees are going to have a heavy programming emphasis. Each college or university will have a slightly different emphasis - below is a list of CS study areas and I've given you a link to look into those yourself. .

    Includes computer programming, computer engineering, software development, software systems, operating systems, robotics, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, data management, computer graphics, computer game development, applied mathematics, digital image/ sound, microprogramming, computer architecture, computer theory, databases, networks and administration, networks, cryptography, simulation and modeling, Web development and design.

    The thing I always tell people interested in Computer Science is that they need to discover not if computer science is a good major for them but if they are the right person for computer science. Programmers are born and not made. All the computer programming courses in the world will not make you any good at it if it is not your gifting and calling. Many eager CS majors take their first few programming courses and realize that this is not what they expected while others just take to it like a duck to water. If you find yourself struggling you can always switch majors into Info Sys or another IT area that does not require programming. Remember that at most 4 year schools you can change majors out to the end of your second year with very few credits or time lost. Being able to do well at CS has nothing to do with intelligence. Many of the people I know that were not successful in Programming are very successful in other fields.

    Below are just a few jobs that are non-Programming jobs you could get with a CIS Computer Information Systems degree:

    Computer Technician, Service Center Coordinator, Help Desk Staff, Storage Administrator, Network Administrator, Systems Administrator, Systems Engineer, Enterprise Administrator, Active Directory Administrator, Exchange and Messaging Administrator, Backup Administrator, Disaster Recovery Specialist, Database Administrator, Computing Security Specialist, Corporate IT Acquisition Specialist and Data Center Administrator, just to name a few.

    Best Wishes!

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    what do computer science major learn besides programming?

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    Wow, thankyou! I was wondering the same question the other day

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    they learn a little engenerring

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