Why do American solders fight in the name of capitalism which has killed 1.6 billion people?

Capitalism: Known True Evil

1.6 Billion Murdered

Mussolini's Ethiopia 700,000

Franco Regime 300,000

Chiang Kai Shek regime 7,000,000

Benito Mussolini regime 300,000

Post-Soviet Capitalism 15,000,000

Somali Child Famine Deaths 29,000

NATO Intervention in Libya 100,000

Second Boer War 75,000

Japanese Massacre of Singapore 100,000

Burma-Siam Railroad Construction 116,000

Japanese Germ Warfare in China 200,000

Rebelling Shia Killed by Saddam 300,000

US Bombing of Yugoslavia 300,000

US Bombing Iraq Water Supply '91 500,000

US Civil War 700,000

Iraq-Iran War 1,000,000

US sanctions on Iraq 1,000,000

US Backed Suharto 1,200,000

Irish Potato Famine 1,500,000

Japanese Democides 5,964,000

Famine of 1932-33 7,000,000

Bengal Famine of 1943 10,000,000

Famine in British India 30,000,000

US Intervention in the Congo 5,000,000

Congo 1886-1908 8,000,000

Hurricane Katrina 1,836

Indonesian Anti-Com. Purge 1,000,000

Stateless Capitalist Somalia 1,000,000

Industrial Revolution USA 100,000

1898 US War vs Philippine 3,000,000

Palestinians Killed by Israel 826,626

Guatemala 300,000

Nanking Massacre 300,000

Iraq (Selling Gas to Saddam) 400,000

Iraq (Desert Storm) 500,000

Invasion of the Philippines 650,000

Feudal Russia 1,066,000

Afghanistan 1,200,000

Iraq 1,300,000

Khmer Rouge 2,035,000

South African Apartheid 3,500,000

Nazi Holocaust 12,000,000

US Aggression on Latin America 6,000,000

Japanese Imperialism 6,000,000

Vietnam War - including Cambodia & Laos 10,000,000

Korean War 10,000,000

British Occupation of India 20,000,000

Great Depression (America alone) 12,000,000

World War One 16,500,000

World War Two 60,000,000

Native American Genocide 114,000,000

Capitalist Policy in India 1947 - 1990 120,000,000

African Slave Trade 150,000,000

US Backed murder of Tamils 30,000

Spanish-American War 100,000

Spanish Civil War 400,000

Union Carbide Bophal Disaster 15,000

Massacre of Paris Commune 20,000

First Indochina 1946-1954 1,750,000

Belgian Congo Colonization 1,000,000

French Madagascar 80,000

Nigerian Civil War 1,000,000

Rwandan Genocide 1,000,000

US Made Famine Bangladesh 100,000

Children Died fr Hunger '09 5,256,000

Children Died fr Hunger '10 6,000,000

Children Killed by Hunger Since 9/11 235,000,000

Children Killed by Hunger during the 1990s 100,000,000

Ciggarette Related Deaths Worldwide (1960 - 2011) 306,000,000

Total Killed by Capitalism:


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  • 8 years ago
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    <yawn> ... ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  • Megan
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Interesting. I would have to contest some of your estimates and also point out that if you claim these deaths are attributed to capitalism then at least some of the wars, such as the Korean War or Spanish Civil War, had two sides to those conflicts and it was generally considered a contest between fascism (for the Spanish Civil War) and communism and not capitalism against something else and Democracy vs. Hereditary Feudalism (though called Communism) in North Korea. Clearly though some of your figures can be attributed to capitalism, such as cigarette deaths or the Union Carbide Bophal Disaster.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Take a good hard look at Islams imbecilic fanatical misfit clerics . . . . . . . . .

    They've assassinated, murdered, tortured, imprisoned and committed more atrocities over the past centuries against their own people's and none Muslims than all other evil dictates the entire combined world has seen. Its the most recent and yet the most vile form of religious dictatorship ever to permeat this planet . . . . . .

    Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi, Iran, Kuwait + countless other African ruled states and all other counties they rule by the knife, sword, gun, fear, intimidation etc, etc. etc.

    Allowed to walk into any country and demand everything . . . . . setting up their Muslim councils and brotherhoods and thus preventing Muslims who left their own countries for a better way of life, its freedom, liberty and the right to choose and make their own decisions etc, an impossible dream .

    Source(s): Ex: Serving military / UN Observer
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  • 8 years ago

    I started to understand what you were saying at first but then I started to read your comment and realized how stupid you must be!...Please explain to me how "american soldiers fighting in the name of capitalism" has to do with Hurricane Katrina? What are you talking about? LOL!! Katrina was a natural disaster, your really going to blame all of those death on american soldiers fighting in the name of capitalism? ...your an idiot!! half the things you mention had nothing to do with US troops at all!! You mention "US intervention in Congo" and then the very next one is you mention is "Congo"...So your blaming american troops fighting in the name of capitalism for all the deaths in the Congo, and then your also blaming the US troops for the intrvention in the Congo? So all your saying is the US troops are to blame and if they try to intervene they still are to blame? LOL!!! your a nutcase buddy! you make no sense at all....get a life!!

    This is why it is so hard for the US to do anything in countries like Syria.....People are being slaughtered by their own government...If the US steps in then people will say "Mind your own business, stop trying to control the world, your trying to take control of the east!"...But then if the US does not step in then the same people will say "Your a super power, and your one of the richest countries on earth and you just sit there and watch people get slaughtered and do nothing about it?"...No matter what we do we will always be to blame!

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    How do you blame America for diening kids. Its not like we go over to Africa and take their food from them. And katrina dude that's a natural disaster. You know WW2 not only America killed people, and we tried to stay neutral, until Japan attacked us. WW1 we entered really late after Germany tried to convince Mexico to invade the U.S.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    the ruling class of america spends alot of money on brain washing the american public. for example, in recent decades, the u.s regime will send in terorists to a country, destabilise it, and then invade it, saying there are human rights problems going on in the country. what they dont mention is that the human rights problems were caused by them the whole time. most americans just believe whatever their media tells them, so they think they are helping the victims, but when they get there, military officers tell them to join in on the human rights violations, and thats how millions of people die.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Hurricane Katrina? Cigarettes?

    Most of the wars in Africa were not motivated by capitalism.

    Multiply that by 100 and you'd have the number of people murdered in the name of god.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    You're exaggerating the numbers!

    If you can count right, mate, you can easily see some of those numbers are totally wrong.

    Please, take a class of elementary calculus first, and then come back later.

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  • 8 years ago

    And here we go again.

    Reported for violation of YA Terms of Use.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    What's the definition of a TROLL? Yeah, you see one every morning when you look in the mirror. Give it a break....

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  • 8 years ago

    Why are you trying to blame Soldiers for fighting for capitalism? Ask any American soldier if they fight for capitalism and see what answers you get. Moron.

    Capitalism has NOTHING to do with why we fight. Educate yourself, fool.

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